Supplying the world since 2000! Celebrating 20 years!

There is nothing new or revolutionary about soaking in Magnesium rich waters - your ancestors have done it for thousands of years!


Health and Wisdom is a unique and innovative company whose specialization in Magnesium products and herbal formulas has transformed the lives of many people and is an integral part of the natural health community with a rich history and an exciting future. Being the first to provide transdermal Magnesium to the public Health and Wisdom has gained the reputation for outstanding service and commitment to customer satisfaction worldwide and our customers see us as a source to fulfill their needs.

About The President

Dr. Joan Schrader, PhD is a Native American Practitioner, Nemenhah Medicine Woman, Naturopathic Doctor, Master Herbalist, Reflexologist, Aromatherapist, lecturer, and educator. She currently sits as Regent of the Department of Plant Medicine for the University of Nemenhah. Joan's degrees include:

University of Nemenhah Natural Medicine Program

  • Baccalaureate of Arts (BA) - In Humanities with Emphasis in Natural Medicine
  • Master of Arts (MA) - In Humanities with Emphasis in Natural Medicine
  • Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) - In Humanities with Emphasis in Plant Medicine

University of Nemenhah Ceremonial Healing Program

  • Baccalaureate of Arts with Honors (BA Hon.) - In Nemenhah Ministry with Emphasis in Nemenhah Culture
  • Master of Arts with Honors (MA Hon.) - In Nemenhah Ministry with Emphasis in Nemenhah Culture

Trinity School of Natural Health

  • Doctor of Naturopathy (ND)
  • Master Herbalist (MH)
  • Certified Nutritional Counselor (CNC)
  • Certified Health Specialist (CHS)

School of Natural Healing

  • Master Herbalist (MH)
  • Certified Aromatherapist
  • Certified Reflexologist

About The Staff

Our staff is committed to maintaining the highest standards when it comes to customer service, manufacturing, production, and package handling. All our staff members are Native American Practitioners.


Our responsibility is to help our customers help themselves achieve true fitness at affordable prices. When you are trying to decide which products to purchase and from which source there are several factors to consider. At Health and Wisdom, we proudly model our organization in a manner that is professional, honest, and informative. We strive to…

  • Provide outstanding customer service
  • Provide the best products at the best prices
  • Empower our customers by being a resource for accurate, helpful information
  • We ascribe to "First Do No Harm" in humans and animals


In 1999, Health and Wisdom provided the Magnesium Oil in the original clinical trials performed by Dr. C Norman Shealy MD to see if transdermal application was effective. By 2007 many companies were selling the product at an elevated price which prompted the opening of Health and Wisdom. The founder's goal was, and continues to be, to provide Magnesium Oil and related products at prices everyone can afford while creating a reputation for courteous service and continued customer support. In 2013, recognizing our dedication to standards of excellence, the Nemenhah Indigenous Traditional Organization officially recognized the company as a Certified Supplier of Magnesium products suitable for use in Healing Ceremony, an honor which we think typifies our commitment and dedication to quality and service. Our 32,000 square foot warehouse is located in Arcola, MO, USA.

Office hours are Monday - Friday 9 am to 6 pm central standard time. If you call after hours, leave a message and we will return your call or you can email us!

On the Personal Side

Joan and her husband, Bob, are avid recyclers and animal rescuers. Over the years they have rescued over 85 animals including dogs, pigs, goats, cats, possums, deer, squirrels, and birds. There are two feedings a day for white tail deer, wild turkeys, squirrels, raccoons, and anything else that comes along. Joan has one criteria, the animals that need a good home must come to her as she will not chase any animal thinking it needs to be saved. Of course any doubt as to whether an animal is in need of rescue is quickly resolved when they jump in the truck with no coaxing!

There is real joy in helping all God's creatures (human and otherwise) when there is a need. These animals are family!


The use of Natural Healing is identified under the Nemenhah Constitution as synonymous with "establishment", "exercise" and "practice" of the Nemenhah Religion. Pursuant to USC Title 42 Chapter 21B § 2000bb–1 : Religious Freedom Restoration, government is prevented from substantially burdening the establishment and free exercise of a person's religion, unless the burden is in furtherance of a compelling government interest, and the burden constitutes the least restrictive furtherance of such interest. Because the United States Congress has spoken so definitively concerning the power to burden religious practice, it is incumbent upon all religions and religious persons to whom so much deference has been given to speak and act plainly concerning what constitutes religious practice so that the law may be executed and administrated by the letter without compromising the spirit thereof. Accordingly, the Nemenhah make this declaration with regard to that standard by which a substance, practice, device, or technology is defined as a "Sacrament" or "Ceremony" of the Native American Church of Nemenhah and doctrines and institutions of its Religion.


Now therefore, it is the policy of the Nemenhah to approve and certify the Sacraments for General Application and use of the Ministers of its religion. Proponents of such Sacraments, Sacred Objects, or Ceremony must apply for and satisfy in every particular the certification process. The President of the Church must approve such Sacraments, Sacred Objects, and/or Ceremony and shall issue a Certificate of such approval. Upon the award of such Certificate, the Nemenhah shall consider the Sacrament, Sacred Object, or Ceremony a "Bona Fide" part or function of the Practice of Nemenhah Religion. Proof of Nemenhah Sacrament, Sacred Object, or Ceremony shall be by presentation of said certificate. If at any time presentation of the Certificate does not satisfy, or is rejected, the President of the Church shall provide a Notarized Affidavit of Fact attesting the matter.


All substances, materials, and/or technology used in the administration of Nemenhah Religious Practice shall be of the highest quality available, as also the highest efficacy. To insure this standard, all manufacturers of Nemenhah Sacraments, Sacred Objects or Providers of Ceremonies shall be Nemenhah Members, and shall submit, when required to do so, to inspection by the President of the Church.

For more information about Nemenhah Certification contact President Cloudpiler, President of NACNEM, via email.