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Emergency Telephone Numbers

Amateur Radio Operator (name and call signal)


American Red Cross

Animal Control


Automobile Club

Automobile Insurance Agent

Banker or Financial Advisor

Burn Center (Hospital)

Business Partner(s)

Cardiac Center (Hospital)

Cellular Phone Company

Certified Public Accountant

Children’s After Hours Clinic (Daycare)

Children’s Hospital

Church leaders or clergy

City Offices

Civil Defense Director

Close Family

Community Emergency Shelter

County Agricultural Agent

County Offices

Crisis Hotline

Daycare Center

Dentist (day and night numbers as well as home and office addresses)

Department of Public Safety

Disaster Clean up Company

Doctor (day and night numbers as well as home and office addresses)

Electric Company meter number or location


Elementary School

Email addresses

Emergency Services (911 or other as necessary)


Fathers Work

Fax numbers (home & work)

Fire Department

Fire Insurance Agent

Funeral Director

Game Warden

Gas Company


Hazard Insurance Agent (earthquake, flood, tornado)

Health Department (City and County)

Health or Medical Insurance Company and Agent

Highway Patrol / State Police

Homeowners or Renters Insurance Agent

Hospital Emergency Center (Open 24 hours)

Information and Referral Agency

Internet or Website Addresses

Junior or Middle School


Life Insurance Agent

Long Distance Phone Provider Access Number


Medicaid Information

Medicare Information

Mortgage Company

Mothers Work

Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness Coordinator


Neighbors to check on in an emergency

Oil (Propane) Company

Operator (dial “0”)


Other Specialists (Chiropractor)

Out of state Contact Person

Out of town Contact Person


Parents or other family members (at work)


Pharmacy (24 hour service)

Pharmacy (Neighborhood)

Pharmacy (that delivers)

Physicians Information Service


Pocket (Phone) Pager

Poison Control Center (Regional)

Police / Sheriff Department

Power Company (meter or account number)


Public Emergency Shelter

Public Transportation

Radio Stations (Emergency Alert System)

Real Estate Broker

Red Cross Shelter

Relative or close friend


Rescue Squad

Road Conditions

Roadside help or Towing Service

Salvation Army

Search and Rescue

Securities Broker

Senior High School


Snow Removal / Sanding Crews

Social Worker

State Disaster Preparedness Office

Tax Consultant

Taxi Cab

Telephone Company

Television Station (Local Emergency Alert System)

Time and Temperature

Toll free numbers

Trauma Center

Trust Officer

Voice mail (work and home)

Be sure to have written directions to your home or office from a central location with mileage (landmarks may be gone) and post it near your phone. It is a good idea to practice giving these directions before the emergency - also have your children practice giving the directions to someone. It is much easier to give directions when you are comfortable with them - practice, practice, practice!