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There is nothing new or revolutionary about soaking in Magnesium rich waters - your ancestors have done it for thousands of years!

Important Papers and Documents

Academic Records, Grade Transcripts or Reports

Accounts Payable Information (money you owe)

Accounts Receivable Information (money owed you)

Adoption or Custody papers

ATM (automatic teller machine) card and PIN (personal identification numbers)

Automobile Insurance Documents

Automobile Registration, Title, Bill of Sale

Awards, Prizes

Bank Account Passbooks

Bank Loan Agreements, Obligations



Books (Important or irreplaceable)

Books of Remembrance or “Memory Books”

Brokerage Statements

Business and Occupational Licenses

Business Insurance (liability and casualty)

Business Records (Self-Employment)

Cash Disbursements Journal

Cash Receipt Journals

Certificates, Awards

Charge Card Information Include account numbers, and names, telephone, and addresses of companies

Check Guarantee Card Information Include account numbers, and names, telephone and addresses of companies

Checking Account Information Include account numbers and names, telephone, addresses of bank(s) and / or credit union(s)

Church Records Include membership, baptism, confirmation, ordinations, etc.

Citizenship papers

Collectibles (stamps, coins, etc.) Include value, photographs, etc.

Computer Disks, Software Include all important information backed up on disks, zip drives, or CD’s. Be sure to update these yearly. Even CD’s will not last more than a couple years.




Court Documents

Credit or Debit cards Include account numbers, and names, telephone, addresses of company(s)

Credit Reports

Death Certificates


Deed to Cemetery Plot


Dental Records



Disability Awards

Divorce or Separation Decrees

Drivers License

Driving Record

Employee Benefits Records

Employment Contract

Employment Paycheck Stubs

Employment Records

Employment Resumes

Equities in Stocks, Mutual Funds, Treasuries, and Corporate Bonds

Eyeglass Prescriptions

Family Histories

Films / videos

Funeral and Burial Plans (prearranged)

Gas Charge Cards Include account numbers and names, telephone, addresses of companies


Guarantees, Warranties, Sales Receipts

Hazard Insurance Documents Such as flood, earthquake, or tornado

Health Histories, Medical Records

Health and Hospitalization Insurance Documents

Home Improvement Receipts

Home Purchase or Re-finance Documents

Home Security Codes

Immunization Records

Income Property Documents

Income Tax Documents

Inheritance Documents

Insurance Documents, ID Cards, and phone numbers, addresses of carriers and agents

Investment Account Statements

Investment Portfolio

Jewelry Appraisals


Keys – Automobiles, RVs, etc.

Keys – House

Keys – Place of Business

Keys – Safety Deposit Box

Keys – Miscellaneous

Lease Agreements

Legal Papers

Letter of Instruction In case of serious injury or death


Life Insurance Documents

Living Wills


Long Distance charge card and code or PIN

Major Home Improvement Records


Marriage Certificate / License

Medicare / Medicaid / Food Stamp Documents

Medication / Prescription Records

Membership Cards, Records

Memory Books

Military Papers

Mortgage Documents

Motor Vehicle (and RV) Titles an Bills of Sale, Serial or VIN Numbers, Driver License Numbers, Registration, and License Plate Numbers

Names (Full), Date of Birth and Social Security Numbers of all Family Members

Net Worth Statement

Paid Loans Documents

Partnership (Business) Documents

Passbook (
Savings Account) Records

Passports, Visas


Payments on Monthly Bills and Loans

Pedigree Charts for Livestock and Pets

Pension Plan Documents

Personal History or Autobiography

Personal Insurance (medical, disability, life, accident)

Personal or Family Emergency and Evacuation

Response Plans (copy of)

Personal Property Loaned to Others

Photo (recent) of each family member To help locate family member who may be lost or separated from the rest of the family

Photo Inventory (home, premises, garage, other real estate holdings, and place of business recorded, using photographs, videotape, etc.)

Photograph of ALL valuables For documentation for insurance claims

Photographs (slides, or prints with negatives)

Precious Metals Investment Records

Promissory Notes

Property Settlement Agreements

Property Tax Records

Purchase Contracts

Real Estate Property Descriptions (financial and insurance)

Recipes (important or cherished)

Record of Hard Assets (precious metals, gems, collectibles, etc.)

Record of Eyeglass Prescriptions, Medicine Prescriptions, Allergies, and Immunizations

Religious Records

Retirement Accounts

Safe Combinations

Safety Deposit Box Include names, telephone, address of institution(s), box number(s), inventory of contents, location of key(s), and list of persons authorized to access box(s)

Savings Account Number and Bank Information

Savings Certificates of Deposit Account Numbers Include account numbers, and names, telephone, and addresses of company(s) and / or financial institutions

Scrap Books


Selective Service Records / Registration


Slides (photographs)

Social Security Cards / Numbers / Entitlements


Student Loan Records

Tax Records (permanent)

Title Papers


Vacation Home documents

Vehicle / RV Ownership Papers, Titles

Videos / Films

Voter Registration Information

Wallet or Purse Contents

Website Address Information and Contracts

Wills and Letters of Instruction