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Job Interest Inventory

Directions: Assume you can do all the tasks described below. From each group, circle the ONE that you think you would enjoy doing most.

1. B Use the telephone to order supplies.

F Counsel other people over the telephone.

A/E Hook up a telephone.

D Use the telephone to sell supplies.

I Repair a downed telephone line.

J Determine the best location for new telephone lines.

2. B Balance my checkbook.

G Plan a family trip.

E Determine the appropriate lighting for a photograph.

J Inspect house plants or field crops for insect damage.

A Repair a broken toaster.

D Determine the best location for new telephone lines.

I Determine the best location for new telephone lines.

3. J Work basically on my own.

B Work on a schedule that is consistent.

I/A Work varying shifts or hours.

H Work on a basic schedule, but when necessary, work as needed.

C/G Work the hours that are required to —get the job done,“ knowing some days will be long, some will be short.

4. C Work outside in all kinds of weather.

A/E Work inside the shop, essentially in one room.

D Spend most of the time in a vehicle, traveling from place to place.

B Work in an office environment.

F/I Work inside, in contact with a lot of different people.

5. C Build a restaurant.

B Determine the operations costs of a restaurant.

A Building the machinery needed for the restaurant.

H Work as a host/hostess in the restaurant.

I Issue the vending licenses for the restaurant.

G Work in the kitchen of the restaurant.

D Delivery supplies to the kitchen of the restaurant.

6. D Operate a piece of heavy equipment which requires only a moderate amount of physical labor.

A Work mainly with hands and fingers, doing precise, detailed work.

H/G Do work that includes a lot of contact with other people.

B Do work involving numbers and figuring.

E Perform work that uses little or no physical involvement.

C Do physical labor–mostly lifting, carrying, and hoisting.

7. C Work climbing, squatting, and maneuvering around obstacles, sometimes in cramped, awkward positions.

A Work mostly in one spot, standing all day.

B Work mostly in one spot, sitting all day.

I Work involving driving others where they need to go.

J/F Work requiring a lot of walking and moving around but not strenuous.

D Work involving many hours of traveling.

8. C Inspect a building under construction to make sure it meets code.

F Inspect the construction site for possible safety hazards.

A Manufacture panels for installation in new building.

H Plan for the maintenance and upkeep of the building.

E Develop a brochure for marketing the building.

D Make arrangements for timely delivery of construction materials.

J Plan for proper waste disposal from the new building.

9. B Write a letter to a potential business contact.

D Deliver a package to the intended recipient.

I Sort mail according to size and destination.

C Design and build a new mailbox.

G Show a potential business owner around the area.

E Communicate with another person by computer.

H Help another person write a letter.

10. C Build a picnic table.

F Nurse a sick animal.

H Shampoo the carpet.

D Comparison shop for a picnic table.

G Guide visitors through the farm.

B Compare insurance rates for the family coverage.

J Determine the safe level of chemicals in drinking water.

11. B Schedule appointments for a doctor‘s office.

F Clean and take care of a child‘s scraped knee.

A Cut lengths of gauze and package it for medical use.

C Install a new electrical system in the doctor‘s office.

D Survey the neighborhood to see medical services needed.

J Provide for the proper disposal of trash from the doctor‘s office.

E Summarize a report on a new surgical procedure.

12. A Work in a factory on an assembly line.

F/J Work in a laboratory testing chemicals.

B Work in an office using a typewriter.

H Work at a hotel registration desk.

I Work in a community center talking to juveniles.

G Work in an office making travel arrangements.

13. C Do detail repair work on computer units.

F Test secretaries for eye strain from computer terminal use.

A Inspect a computer for flaws.

I Keep files on prisoners in a jail using a computer.

G Use a computer to find the least expensive airfare for a trip.

J Use a computer program to monitor air emissions from a smokestack.

H Teach others to use a computer.

14. G Organize groups of youngsters in a softball tournament.

D Sell baseball equipment.

E Write a column on a youth softball tournament.

I Drive a bus load of softball players to a tournament.

J Determine the best location in a town for a softball field.

F Provide emergency first aid to any injured softball players.

H Be responsible for cleaning the softball team‘s uniforms.

15. E Work as an operator at a switchboard.

H Work as a barber/hairdresser in a shop.

J Process reports on land use.

F Work as an orderly in a hospital.

A Work as a cutter in a meat processing plant.

I Drive an ambulance.

G Work as a manager at a resident camp.

16. D Deal with wholesalers to purchase clothing for a department store.

H Work as a sales clerk in a department store‘s clothing department.

C Drive forklifts in the warehouse of a wholesale business.

F Work in the pharmacy department of a department store.

J Determine the suitability of a vacant lot for a department store.

G Work in the travel service department of a department store.

E Work on a promotional campaign for the department store.

17. B Add numbers on an adding machine.

H Work the register in a grocery store.

C Drive a backhoe on a construction site.

E Work with a sound mixer.

I Pilot a barge on the lake.

A Work with large machinery to stamp items.

J Work with sensitive measuring instruments.

18. A Take a course in mechanical drawing.

G Take a course in human relations.

B Take a course in income tax preparation.

F Take a course in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

D Take a course in management theory.

C Take a course in electrical engineering.

E Take a course in satellite technology.

19. F Sell prescription medicines to hospitals.

B Sell office supplies.

J Sell pollution control systems.

G Sell vacation packages.

I Sell playground equipment.

E Sell laser equipment.

H Sell food.

20. E Read a report off a news —wire.

G Read about foreign countries.

H Read about home-based businesses.

C Read a blueprint.

F Read about a new medicine.

D Read a marketing report.

I Read a report comparing rail versus water transportation.

To Score: Count the number of times you checked each letter and record the number here.

_____ A. Manufacturing
_____ F. Health
_____ B. Business and Office
_____ G. Hospitality/Recreation
_____ C. Construction
_____ H. Personal Service
_____ D. Marketing and Distribution
_____ I. Public Services/Transportation
_____ E. Communications/Media
_____ J. Environment

As you look through the list, note the job areas where you have the highest interest score. These may be areas you want to explore as you engage in the job search. You may find employment in an area of lower interest and be quite happy, but it‘s probably better to first seek employment in areas where you have highest interest.

From Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service, —Go for the Goal.“ Adapted from Vocational Home Economics Resource Guide for Displaced Homemaker Programs, 1980 Ohio Department of Education and Preparing for a New Job: Identify Your Best Skills, The National Center for Research in Vocational Education, 1985, by The Ohio Cooperative Extension Service.