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Static Electricity, Lymphatic System & Skin Brushing

Jog or walk BAREFOOT in the grass 15-20 minutes a day to discharge the static electricity, opening the body up to receive more universal energies! We need good, high-vibration electricity to perform at our peak. To release static electricity that builds up in the body, walk or jog barefoot on the lawn. This will allow new electrical vibration to come from the atmosphere. This is pure universal electricity that operates all the parts and organs of the body. Pure energy cannot enter the body if static electricity is present, which should be grounded through the feet to keep a continual flow on hand.


This came from Jack West - a lecturer and follower of Dr Ann Wigmore: "While still on the rebounder facing NORTH OR SOUTH, clench your fists against your chest (this traps the electrical currents) and while jumping repeat the following: "Out goes the toxins, in comes the lymph" 7 TIMES. Immediately get off the rebounder (still facing North or South) and BRISKLY rub AWAY FROM THE HEART down the right arm, then left arm, then right leg, then left leg - all the way to the wrists & ankles."

Bear in mind, when skin brushing, you want to brush towards the heart and a rebounder stimulates all lymph and every cell in the body. This action is to remove the excess electrical currents (static) and return us to a better balance!

The proper way to do skin brushing is as follows:

  • Using a natural bristle brush (not a typical, plastic bath brush) start at the toes.
  • Make 3-4 "swipes" from toe to heel brushing TOWARDS the heart working your way around the entire foot.
  • Next, work from heel to knee - again brushing TOWARD the heart working around the lower leg.
  • Next, work from knee to hip- again brushing TOWARD the heart working around the upper leg.
  • Repeat with the other leg.
  • Next work the abdomen (front and back) from the upper leg to the waistline.
  • Work the right hand - fingers to wrist; wrist to elbow; elbow to shoulder; shoulder to sternum.
  • Next work the upper RIGHT side of the body (front and back) from the waistline to the sternum (right side of the heart).
  • Now work the left hand - fingers to wrist; wrist to elbow; elbow to shoulder; shoulder to the LEFT side of the heart.
  • Next work the upper left body - from the waist to the LEFT side of the heart.

Recap - the upper RIGHT quadrant, right arm, and from the toes to the waist are brushed to the RIGHT side of the heart.
The upper LEFT quadrand and left arm are brushed to the LEFT side of the heart.

As this is a full lymphatic system 'exercise' this should be done every other day giving a day of rest in between brushing.

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