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Nine minutes on a rebounder (not just standing there...) equals 20 minutes of aerobic exercise. At the top we are weightless, at the bottom there is about 2 G's of force! Every cell in the body is fully exercised when using a rebounder, lymphatic fluid is moved throughout the body, and there is no stress on the ankles or knees!

Starting point - a STEP is every time either foot hits the rebounder. A PACE is every time the LEFT foot hits the rebounder.

Walk 50 paces

Run hard 50 paces

Repeat 5 times for a total of 250 paces running AND 250 walking

Cool down walking 100 paces

NEXT - As if skipping rope (without the rope) - throw whole arm backwards for 250 paces, be careful not to over extend or pronate the joint

Cool down walking 100 paces

"Skip rope" throwing arm forwards for 250 paces, be careful not to over extend or pronate the joint

Cool down walking 100 paces

Discharge the Static Electricity

While still on the rebounder facing NORTH OR SOUTH, clench your fists against your chest (this traps the electrical currents) and while jumping repeat the following: "Out goes the toxins, in comes the lymph" 7 TIMES. Immediately get off the rebounder (still facing North or South) and BRISKLY rub AWAY FROM THE HEART down the right arm, then left arm, then right leg, then left leg - all the way to the wrists & ankles.

Daily walk barefoot in the grass, dirt, or sand to discharge static electricity that builds in the body. This opens the body for good universal energies to enter.

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