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Master Cleanse

You may have heard of The Master Cleanse or Lemonade Diet and possibly you may have even done one of the cleanses years ago! There is a lot of invalid information available and I would like to tell you why I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this program!

First some physiological instruction. Our bodies are designed to regenerate cells, heal broken bones on their own, fight off infection, be whole and vibrant, and live long, pain-free lives!! WHAT HAPPENED?? Most of us came into this world with genetic weaknesses towards different illnesses. We compound these weaknesses by consuming dead food, sugars, processed food, chemicals, hormones, drugs (legal and illegal) and are exposed to environmental toxins - all in the name of HEALTH!! Our colons are a mess and everything backs up from there! The greater the backup (congestion, constipation, whatever word you choose) the greater the likelihood of dis-ease. Symptoms such as eczema, acne, asthma, cancer, boils, arthritis, etc. are results of a filthy, acidic system. It really does not matter what drugs - synthetic or natural - we take to offset our dis-eases if we continue to eat a dead, acidic diet we will continue to get sicker and sicker. As a child if I wanted to do something because "every one else was doing it," my parents set me straight with the typical parental answer, "If every one jumped off a cliff, would you follow them?" I see this very thing happening all around us. Just because EVERY ONE you know is on medication, hurting, even dying does not mean YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW them over the cliff or to the grave!

The more toxins we consume and absorb through exposure, the more our bodies create fat cells to protect our organs. As the toxins are removed the fat cells are eliminated also! This does not mean that thin people cannot be toxic!! The greater the toxin load, the greater the depletion of essential minerals. Magnesium deficiency is one of the results of improper nutrition and toxic overload. (Check out our Magnesium Oil and other products to increase your Magnesium levels WITHOUT diarrhea!!)

Now that you understand HOW you got where you are, what do you do now??

First - Decide TODAY you are of value and making better food choices will give you control of your life!! If you can plant your dinner in your garden and it grows, it is good for you as it contains essential LIVE enzymes & nutrients to feed your cells and give them the tools necessary to regenerate healthy cells and combat unhealthy cells! If after planting your dinner, the ground begins to rot - the same thing happens in your body! Yuck!

  • Chew your food to a totally liquid state and swish your liquids to thoroughly mix with the saliva! This PREDIGESTS the food making nutrient absorption increase 40-60% in the colon!
  • NO beverages 1 hour before and 2 hours after meals. Liquids dilute the digestive juices that are critical to speedy and effective digestion.
  • If you have difficulty with acid reflux, you want to INCREASE the acid instead of stopping it. You need hydrochloric acid in your stomach to digest food. You can aid your digestion by SIPPING a mixture of 1 Tablespoon Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar + 1 Tablespoon raw honey + 6-8 ounces warm water. Stir and sip 15-20 minutes before meals.
  • Meats, dairy - all animal products - are very acidic! These require additional calcium for digestion and this calcium does not come from the supplement (crushed rock) you took, it is taken from your bones, arteries, etc.!
  • Eat WHOLESOME foods - by definition not just pure but in the WHOLE state! Once food is extracted into parts we lose the intricate value of the whole food. For example: Apple seeds contain cyanide, a poison. If extracted and eaten alone, you could get sick or die if you ate enough of the cyanide. However, if you eat the seeds WITH the apple, this same cyanide when combined with the enzymes in the apple provide cancer fighting features we should all want!

Second - Decide TODAY to stop harmful habits such as tobacco, alcohol, coffee, black tea, addictive substances - drugs, SUGAR, for some addicting carbohydrates, processed foods, illegal and legal drugs including over-the-counter drugs. Here is something to think about. When people get a headache and pop aspirin do they really have an aspirin deficiency that caused the headache?? Hmmm??

  • Here is a link for the ingredients in cigarettes - curiously TOBACCO is not listed. Tobacco extract is listed...hmmm...
  • Coffee and black tea contain tannins which are very harmful. The temperature of food and liquids also matters. Very hot or very cold items require extra energy to get the item to body temperature BEFORE it can even begin digestion!
  • If I eat ONE carbohydrate in the morning, I am grazing all day long! Stopping sugar consumption was easier for me than stopping carbohydrates! But, stopping CHEESE was harder than anything else! I never would have thought cheese could be addictive. I was wrong!
  • Drugs - do I really need to go there?

Third - Decide TODAY to add exercise to your daily routine. There are two regimens I recommend. T-Tapp to strengthen the body from the inside out and a Cellerciser to exercise every single cell in the body at once! Not all rebounders are the same!!

Fourth - Decide TODAY to eliminate toxins currently in your system!

  • There are many programs available to remove built up mucus in the colon but these are restrictive to the lower colon only. Colonics, laxatives, and the like are NOT HEALTHY. They are ADDICTIVE and should not be used. I highly recommend by Dr. Christopher's Lower Bowel formula which contains herbs that will break up mucus, eliminate the waste, and HEAL THE COLON!!
  • Juice fasting has been used successfully for CENTURIES!! That many people cannot be wrong! When you juice (not blend) vegetables or fruit, you are getting concentrated nutrients without the impact of needing to digest fiber. This provides the body with cleansing and nourishing properties that allow the body to heal!! My favorite juice cleanse to date is The Master Cleanse.

Fifth - If necessary, change your mental attitude. BE GRATEFUL! Life is wonderful. As long as you are still breathing, you have choices! Avoid negative, nasty people. They are demoralizing!! If you must be around them, be sure they are standing on your RIGHT side. Our bodies absorb energy from the LEFT. If a negative person is on your LEFT side, you will absorb their negative vibrations. Switch places and share your positive energies with them!

The Master Cleanse

Check with your health care professional before stopping medications!!

Ingredients needed

  • Lemons, preferably organic. Wash them prior to using. You will use the juice in every glass. This is squeezed lemons, not run through a juicer! To get more juice from every lemon they should be room temperature and if you roll them on the counter breaks the little juice pockets and yields more juice!
  • Grade B Maple Syrup - nutrient dense and makes the Lemonade taste yummy!
  • Cayenne Pepper - 40,000 h.u. is sufficient. Start with a small amount in every glass and increase as your tolerance for the heat increases. For more information on the benefits of Cayenne Pepper click here
  • Herbal laxative tea. Smooth Move in regular or chocolate is a great choice!
  • Sea Salt - do not used iodized salt!
  • Good water - preferably without chlorine or fluoride!
  • Peppermint tea - this is optional but so good for you! This tea tones the entire system and helps eliminate the cramping that can occur from the laxative tea.
  • Probiotics are taken AFTER the cleanse for about 30 days!
  • For easy instructions, buy the book "Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days"


  • Mentally you must be prepared to not eat, smoke, drink coffee, etc. nothing except what is outlined for a minimum of 10 days.
  • Do not take supplements while on the cleanse. One exception is using our Magnesium Oil or Magnesium Gel - the body absorbs vital Magnesium THROUGH THE SKIN and is fine as you are bypassing the digestive tract!! Check with your health care professional before stopping medications!!
  • The evening before beginning the Master Cleanse - and every evening while on the cleanse - prepare and drink one cup of Smooth Move tea.
  • First thing in the morning - before you drink any lemonade, carefully measure 2 TEASPOONS into 1 QUART (32 fl oz) of water. (Not ice cold.) Stir until the salt is dissolved. Drink this taking no more than 10 minutes. Some people prefer to use a straw to avoid the salt taste. This measurement MUST be exact as this changes the weight of the water (specific gravity) to match that of the blood. By doing so, this liquid bypasses the bloodstream and works to flush the colon of the debris loosened by the lemonade and laxative tea! You will need to stay close to the bathroom for 60-90 minutes after drinking the SWF (Salt Water Flush) but you should not have any urgency throughout the day. If you absolutely cannot do the SWF, you may substitute this with a cup of Smooth Move laxative tea.
  • WAIT ONE HOUR before drinking the first Lemonade!
  • After one hour you may begin consuming the Lemonade. Mix this by adding 1 OUNCE of fresh squeezed lemon juice + 1 OUNCE of Grade B Maple Syrup to 8 OUNCES of water. Add Cayenne pepper to tolerance. Stir and enjoy!! NOTE - IF YOU MAKE THIS DRINK AHEAD THE CAYENNE PEPPER WILL STEEP AND GET HOTTER AS THE DAY GOES ON!!
  • Drink a MINIMUM of six 10 ounce glasses of lemonade per day. Consuming more is fine! If you feel "hungry" have another lemonade!
  • You may drink Peppermint tea, if desired in the afternoon. But, this is not a peppermint tea cleanse, do not exchange Peppermint tea for the Lemonade!
  • Repeat this regimen for a minimum of 10 days but no more than 40! If you tongue turns pink, you are finished cleansing.
  • Do NOT end the cleanse on a detox day - even if it is day 10! You need to go one more day to clear all the junk causing the detox symptoms!
  • End the cleanse properly! You have gone without solid food for several days and stopping the cleanse is as important as doing the cleanse correctly.
    • On the last day do not drink the laxative tea. You are finished!!
    • Begin taking the Probiotics on the first day after completing the Master Cleanse!
    • First and second day off the cleanse Raw foodists & vegetarians
      • Drink as much FRESH orange or grapefruit juice SLOWLY over the next two days. This will stop the cleansing process and begin to prepare your body for food. If full strength is too strong, you may dilute the juice with water.
      • Third day - orange juice in the morning. Raw fruit for lunch. Fruit or raw vegetable salad at night. You are now ready to eat normally.
    • First day off the cleanse if you are returning to animal products and other devitalized foods. It is best to change over to fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and whole grains.
      • Drink as much FRESH orange or grapefruit juice SLOWLY. This will stop the cleansing process and begin to prepare your body for food. If full strength is too strong, you may dilute the juice with water.
      • Second day off the cleanse drink several glasses of orange juice diluting with water if necessary. Mid afternoon prepare a vegetable soup (not canned) with lots of vegetables and seasonings. Brown rice may be used but no meat or meat stock. Cook as little as possible. Have this for the evening meal, consuming mostly broth and a small amount of the vegetables. Rye wafers may be eaten but no bread or crackers.
      • Third day drink orange juice. Have more of the vegetable soup prepared the day before for lunch. For dinner have your choice of vegetables, salads, or fruit. No meat, dairy, processed foods.
      • Fourth day - normal eating may be resumed however, if gas or irritation occurs, return to the Lemonade for several days until the system is ready for food.
    • Soaking in a hot tub can be very rewarding during the Master Cleanse. You may EITHER use Epsom Salts to draw toxins out of your body quickly (through the skin). Be sure to drink at least 1 quart of liquid while in the tub! OR enjoy the Ultimate Bath experience and feed Magnesium into the body through the skin! Do NOT mix Magnesium Oil with Epsom Salts. These are two different types of Magnesium and they do different things! One OR the other is great!


  • You will likely experience detox symptoms. These may be headache, flu-like symptoms, etc. THIS IS NORMAL AND SOMETHING TO BE GRATEFUL FOR!
  • If you consumed caffeine prior to the cleanse, your caffeine withdrawal will be as severe as your addiction was. You would be well advised to stop caffeinated beverages (or food) prior to beginning the Master Cleanse to lessen the pain!
  • Your tongue will become coated and really nasty looking. This is an indication of the effectiveness of the cleanse and why a pink tongue is something to look forward to seeing!!
  • You may CRAVE certain foods, flavors, even cigarettes (if you smoked previously) while on the cleanse. This is your body's way of letting you know that particular mucus layer is being broken up for removal!! DO NOT give into the cravings - they will be gone the next day with the Salt Water Flush!!
  • A note on nursing: "Since the Master Cleanse is a detoxifying cleanse, it mobilizes toxins in the body. Pregnant and nursing mothers run the risk of these toxins going into their infants. Although one nursing mother did have an ingenious solution to this problem. She pumped enough breast milk in advance to feed her infant while she was on the cleanse and coming off it. Then while on the cleanse and coming off it, she pumped her breast milk and threw it out. So, there was no possibility of passing toxins to her infant." Peter Glickman

Benefits of Completing the Master Cleanse!

  • You will have more energy!
  • You will wake rested even on fewer hours of sleep!
  • Your skin will become silky soft!
  • Your mental clarity will improve - even becoming more spiritual and enlightened!
  • If needed, you will lose weight!
  • You will never have to deal with any of the eliminated toxins ever again!!
  • For many people, they no longer need medication - or at least a reduced amount!
    **Always consult your health care practitioner BEFORE commencing any cleansing program!

What is really going on? And, some my experiences!

The Lemonade is cutting through layers & layers of mucus in your colon and throughout your system. The Cayenne pepper is very healing and speeds this action. The Laxative tea further loosens old fecal matter & mucus. The Salt Water Flush literally flushes everything from the prior day taking toxins, mucus, CRAVINGS, emotional baggage - everything we held on to is removed FOREVER! You will never have to deal with those things again, ever!

Yes, I said CRAVINGS!! Prior to my first Master Cleanse I was a chocolate/sugar junkie! I knew I wanted to switch to mostly raw food and had heard horror stories of people having a difficult time with the cravings. Once I discovered the Master Cleanse and read about the cravings going away, along with the other benefits, I knew this was right for me! My first cleanse was 40 days - I intended to only do 10 but felt so amazing I just kept going! After this cleanse I had NO desire for chocolate, sweets, junk food at all! Even raw food desserts are too sweet for my taste!! In the last year I have completed 5 Master cleanses ranging from 20 to 40 days. Two of those cleanses resulted in a pink tongue!!

As discussed at the beginning, most people have eaten very mucus forming foods and each layer of mucus glues more toxins to our colon. Just as each layer is added, the Master Cleanse removes these toxins layer by layer. On extended cleanses I experienced cravings for Italian seasonings at different times. I am sure each time was a different layer of Lasagna from years ago!! Many people bury emotions and the Master Cleanse will cut through those layers as well resulting in having to work through those experiences again. Any effective cleanse will do this. The benefit to the Master Cleanse is it will do it quicker as the Salt Water Flush will remove the layer as quickly as the lemonade breaks it up! Again, once gone - gone forever!

Because you are not eating the body only has one thing to do - clean house!! This provides a ton of energy. Most mornings I would wake early and simply be done sleeping! My skin feels like silk and continues after the cleanse PROVIDED I do not return to unhealthy foods. I cannot recommend the Master Cleanse enough!

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Buy Peter's book "Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days". It is a must read to understand the Master Cleanse and be able to get started quickly!! There are other books and websites but they do not follow Stanley Burroughs proven protocol. Save yourself the grief, do it right the first time!

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