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Magnesium Bath Crystals Testimonials

I am totally amazed of the way I feel! My husband started acting and believing he was old, tired, no energy! It became like living with someone who is at the end of his life not in the middle. He could not even stay awake during a conversation... Needless to say our home life was boring, lifeless ! I got mag oil, mag gel, mag Prills, bath crystals, mica. I have arthritis and hurt all the time. My hair looked old and tired. My face and skin felt lifeless . Our mental state was tired, we were not awake in our lives! So went to the health store and the clerk said to rub the mag on my areas of soreness. She gave me a pamphlet to read. I did everything on it, facial, treatment for my hair , put it in my lotions, face spritzer in everything I put on my skin.. Soaked my feet; bathed in the water. Made Prill water! The very first time I felt amazing! I was calm relaxed by ready to face my day with energy and enthusiasm!!! My body tingled with invigoration! My day felt amazing. My mood was amazing! I am a believer !!! I am not a person you can give a placebo to and feel better, I know the difference! I AM A BELIEVER!!! Now this feeling has taken me further! We both are on a mission to change our lives, to feel better, to face each day with hope and energy! We are now looking into meditation, changing our diet, and feeling amazing in our middle age! We have a goal of running circles round the youth half our age!!!! YAHOO!! In a world that is so depressing and negative, that is so toxic I believe we have found the fountain of youth!! Lisa M.

Our customers LOVE your Magnesium Oil, Gel, and Bath Crystals" - Dandelions, Yellville AR
After a nice soaking bath with 3 scoops of the Magnesium Bath Crystals I feel the way I always WISH

I felt. I feel relaxed and peaceful, able to easily cope with otherwise stressful situations."

Neva Alsip, owner of Country Gardens Health Foods
I took the ultimate magnesium bath last night and slept like a baby! The prills DEFINITELY make a difference. Vicki D
I love my magnesium products. I have stopped having those annoying heart palpitations that started this year which were hormone related, I'm sleeping better and don't suffer from PMS like symptoms anymore. I recommend it to everyone. Allie
Loving the magnesium... blood counts are going up as they should. It's saving my life!! Thank you! Amy
I read the books about transdermal magnesium, and I became convinced that we are all deficient in magnesium and that the best way to get it to the cells is through the skin. I scoured the Internet, and you have the highest quality, the best prices, and the fastest service. I have now reordered several times and even bought some and had you ship it to a friend. You have never disappointed me. But the best thing is that magnesium is keeping my arthritis in check. Both hands were stiff and painful and now, and since about two months of transdermal magnesium, I am fine, fine, fine! I can still type my 115 WPM and there is no pain playing the piano. Thank you for a great product! Carol Ann
I wanted to let you know that I "LOVE" your magnesium products.
I read the little insert on the "ultimate bath soak" and would like to also order the bath crystals, magnesium snow and fg mica crystals.

Thank are a wonderful company and I'm grateful for your services and products.Hedy
We can't thank you enough for your wonderful magnesium products. My husband NEVER goes to bed without soaking in the crystals and then applying a good coat of magnesium gel on all the parts that ache. Since his 4-wheel accident he had been in constant pain, relying on pain killers just to survive, but hasn't had to take any since we started on your magnesium products!

Thank you and God bless you! EMH
I use the magnesium products from Joan Schrader at Health and Wisdom and it is rebuilding my health so much in needed ways. It also enabled us to conceive again! Magnesium is directly related to infertility and a host of other health problems that are consistently prescribed for or treated in other ways including by homeopaths and naturopaths because not enough is known about this most vital mineral, magnesium. PW
The Ultimate Bath was relaxing and I did a foot soak the next day full strength w/no stinging. I sprayed mag oil on after bath and was a little stingy, only till it dried. I am really impressed with the laundry prills, DH is also. I did several loads w/no detergent including DH horrible work clothes (chain oil, gas, diesel fuel), everything came out clean, smelled like I dried them outside and they were soft w/ no fab soft.
Oh my goodness ! what a wonderful experience ! now I can't imagine why I didn't order the bath crystals ...... I must have slept really well because I woke up at 6:45 am (usually I wake up between 7:30 and 8 am and I hate this because I feel so rushed in the morning getting everyone organized.... and I wasn't sleepy or tired, just felt great ! Lucia
The ultimate bath felt great yesterday. Yesterday I got brave and did a mag snow facial while taking a bath. I felt an instant relief in the pain and a definite decrease in redness. This morning my face was tons better over yesterday!! [From Rosacea] So...I took another bath today and did another facial!
I received my MO and Bath Crystals the other day. Have done to foot soaks and can't believe how soft my feet now feel.
I was having problems with a mild case of incontinence. Nothing major, just little bits at a time. I always had to wear a pad just in case. I no longer have the problem. I wear the pads out of fear that something might happen. I throw them away clean. It went away after my 1st couple MO baths. I take 1-2 baths a week now and soak my feet nightly.

Oh yes, no more leg cramps. My knee pain is almost totally gone and my feet are getting better slowly. My skin is soft and silky. What more can I ask.
Yesterday I tried the "Ultimate Bath" with the ingredients I received from [Health And Wisdom]. Both of my legs floated from the hip sockets to the feet. It was like 1/2 my body was on the space shuttle. Neato. ~ Jane B. Manchester NH
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