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Magnesium Snow Testimonials

I took the ultimate magnesium bath last night and slept like a baby! The prills DEFINITELY make a difference. Vicki D


Love the ultimate bath, slept like a log all week after using it. Can't wait to see what a couple weeks worth will do! I know the gel and oil work great after using it on my sore muscles at the Beauty boot camp (a T-Tapp retreat), what a great way to put it to the test. Take care - Shauna


I wanted to let you know that I "LOVE" your magnesium products.


I read the little insert on the "ultimate bath soak" and would like to also order the bath crystals, magnesium snow and fg mica crystals.

Thank are a wonderful company and I'm grateful for your services and products.



The Ultimate Bath was relaxing and I did a foot soak the next day full strength w/no stinging. I sprayed mag oil on after bath and was a little stingy, only till it dried. I am really impressed with the laundry prills, DH is also. I did several loads w/no detergent including DH horrible work clothes (chain oil, gas, diesel fuel), everything came out clean, smelled like I dried them outside and they were soft w/ no fab soft.


The ultimate bath felt great yesterday. Yesterday I got brave and did a mag snow facial while taking a bath. I felt an instant relief in the pain and a definite decrease in redness. This morning my face was tons better over yesterday!! [From Rosacea] So...I took another bath today and did another facial!


I've also used the Magnesium Snow for a facial and that was wonderful, too. My skin felt tighter and smoother afterwards. However, you do need to plan to sit still while it's drying because it will "snow" all over the place if you don't. I highly recommend the Magnesium Snow, too. ~ Pina


I did my first soak last night~! This morning I had lymph drainage elimination...I also did the snow on my upper arms and it seems to have already helped decrease the rash I've been battling for a couple months. Kate


Yesterday I tried the "Ultimate Bath" with the ingredients I received from [Health And Wisdom]. Both of my legs floated from the hip sockets to the feet. It was like 1/2 my body was on the space shuttle. Neato. ~ Jane B. Manchester NH


I received my order yesterday, thank you. I've tried out ALL of the products and I'm having fun trying to figure out what will work best for my massage clients. So far, the gel wins hands down in terms of skin feel following application. In the process, though, I ended up sooo relaxed that I slept 11 hours last night and my habitual teeth clenching is absent. My face looks relaxed, too, which translates to looking younger and fresher - forget Botox!

First I slathered the oil all over my body and let that sit for an hour or so while I did a facial with snow and mica dust. Then I bathed in the bath crystals and followed that with an application of the gel everywhere I could reach. By then I was ready for a nap but the phone kept ringing and didn't happen. Bed at 7:00, up at 6:00. It's that easy to look younger, sleep better, and stop the chronic jaw tension. I can hardly wait to see what this will do for my clients and my friends. I have been on a quest for so many years to find a way to get magnesium introduced topically and I can say now that I think the quest has been fulfilled.

If these products can do so much for me - a person who is aware of magnesium needs and careful to try to get enough - imagine what it can do for people who can't tolerate or don't eat magnesium rich foods and supplements. My youngest client is 62, which means that everyone I deal with is at the age where hypertension, blood sugar, cardiovascular, arthritis, reflux and other digestive disorders are imminent threats to their well being. Magnesium plays a pivotal role in all of those issues, so I'm hoping that my TLC with magnesium products can soften the edges by keeping at least that factor moderated some without introducing diarrhea as oral Magnesium products do. Heck, if I can just get enough magnesium in to allow the muscles I soften to stay that way for a while I'll be content! Additional benefits would be the gravy.


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