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Prills Testimonials

I am totally amazed of the way I feel! My husband started acting and believing he was old, tired, no energy! It became like living with someone who is at the end of his life not in the middle. He could not even stay awake during a conversation... Needless to say our home life was boring, lifeless ! I got mag oil, mag gel, mag Prills, bath crystals, mica. I have arthritis and hurt all the time. My hair looked old and tired. My face and skin felt lifeless . Our mental state was tired, we were not awake in our lives! So went to the health store and the clerk said to rub the mag on my areas of soreness. She gave me a pamphlet to read. I did everything on it, facial, treatment for my hair , put it in my lotions, face spritzer in everything I put on my skin.. Soaked my feet; bathed in the water. Made Prill water! The very first time I felt amazing! I was calm relaxed by ready to face my day with energy and enthusiasm!!! My body tingled with invigoration! My day felt amazing. My mood was amazing! I am a believer !!! I am not a person you can give a placebo to and feel better, I know the difference! I AM A BELIEVER!!! Now this feeling has taken me further! We both are on a mission to change our lives, to feel better, to face each day with hope and energy! We are now looking into meditation, changing our diet, and feeling amazing in our middle age! We have a goal of running circles round the youth half our age!!!! YAHOO!! In a world that is so depressing and negative, that is so toxic I believe we have found the fountain of youth!! Lisa M.
I took the ultimate magnesium bath last night and slept like a baby! The prills DEFINITELY make a difference. Vicki D
Love the ultimate bath, slept like a log all week after using it. Can't wait to see what a couple weeks worth will do! I know the gel and oil work great after using it on my sore muscles at the Beauty boot camp (a T-Tapp retreat), what a great way to put it to the test. Take care - Shauna
The prill beads really make my laundry soft! Angela
After researching all I could about magnesium and the best place to purchase, it was an easy choice. You are the best! You have the best web site and prices. The customer service Joan provides is outstanding. I was so curious about all the products I purchased most of them, the one product I wasn't sure would be my favorite has turned out to be. It's the prill water, I was buying perrier because I wanted a good mineral water and after using the prill beads I prefer the taste of it. I put the beads loose into an open gallon jug of filtered water and let them set for 24 hours and then pour it into glass bottles and start again. I'm only able to use the magnesium oil for foot soaks because I'm one of those people with very sensitive skin and putting it on my body was not working out but I didn't want to give up on something that I knew was so beneficial. I purchased a heated foot spa to put the oil in and it is wonderful. Thanks for a reasonable place to buy these products! Kimberly M.
Thanks for my second laundry pouch - my daughter used mine and won't give it back! We both love it! Kay H.
I've been making iced tea with the Prill H20 since Tuesday. My DH takes some to work with him each day. Yesterday he mentioned he was feeling better the last couple of days than he had in a long while. It took me until this morning to realize it was probably the Prill tea. I don't drink as much tea as he does & the H2O is at home & not with me here at work, so I'm not getting as much in as he is. But I'm off to Joan's site to order more so I can bring them to work & keep a gallon going here & drink on it all day long.

I also use the prill-water. At this moment I'm measure the ph from my urine (I'm loosing a lot of hair) When I come out bed the ph is 5..but after 750 Ml. is ph7!!! Dia in Holland
It's me again. Just have to report on my laundry prills. Yes, I love them. The clothes smell so fresh. AND I can't believe the amount of suds I get from the little bit of soap I put it. :D And I can use it forever!!!!

Thanks again Joan,

Update on prill water and plants.

I've been meaning to post this. I first ordered prill beads in October and I started using it on my plants (in addition to drinking it myself and adding it to my bedroom humidifier). As you might expect, the plants love it and thrive with it.

Well, last spring I had bought a cute little begonia at the dollar store. I checked the American Begonia Society's web page where it said that this particular type is "ever-blooming." On a whim I decided to pot it and keep it indoors to enjoy it's pretty pink flowers all summer. But once the original flowers died and I pinched them off there were no more blossoms. I kept the plant on my plant stand anyway, just for the bright, waxy foliage.

Since starting prill water I've had continuous blossoming!!! There are 3 new buds right now. It would have been nice to have it in bloom all summer but it's absolutely wonderful and uplifting to see the flowers in the fall and winter at the period of time when the days are the shortest here in the cold, dark northeast.

My gums look so much better also. DS has red and infected gums. I have gotten him started on the MO. He hates the taste, but his gums are improving. Bev
I love brushing with MO and peppermint essential oil and my teeth and gums look better than they have looked for years. Now I smile a lot more just to show them off I ordered the tooth powder today in the hope it will take the whole procedure one step further.

I'm sorry I don't remember who posted the tip about soaking wilted lettuce in prill water, but it's really great. Now I soak all my greens in prill water - wilted or not - they are much crisper and taste better.

My teeth are continuing to improve. The transparency is continuing to go. Yea!! I am just using the MO 50% with prill water. I am so pleased to have found an answer to this problem. I will have to look into the tooth pdr also. BE
Oh, I forgot to mention how lovely and clean smelling my laundry room smells today! I have been doing load after load of laundry with my new laundry prill pouch and I am amazed at how noticeable the difference in smell is. I am backing down on the amount of detergent that I add on each load I've done and each one looks as clean as the one before it! (I have 3 active (translate: dirty!!) boys 14, 11 and 7 and I am a bit hesitant to give up my Tide yet).

Love all that I have learned from you! Mary kids get irritated with me if I try to give them anything but prill water! Even my two year old will stand there pointing, "NO! That water!!!" They are drinking more. I just bring the pitcher to the dinner table now cause of the refills.

Thanks Joan!
The Ultimate Bath was relaxing and I did a foot soak the next day full strength w/no stinging. I sprayed mag oil on after bath and was a little stingy, only till it dried. I am really impressed with the laundry prills, DH is also. I did several loads w/no detergent including DH horrible work clothes (chain oil, gas, diesel fuel), everything came out clean, smelled like I dried them outside and they were soft w/ no fab soft.
I got all my stuff the other day. YEA!! I got my prill water started-love the feel of it in my mouth. It feels softer, almost like nothing's there. So, last night I did my first foot soak-50% oil/50% prill water. (About 4 years ago I had panic attacks and adrenaline surges to beat the band. Now coming to understand I was low in magnesium. But I started using Celtic Sea Salts, which gave me some magnesium and I gradually felt better. Not understanding the magnesium connection. Lately, I have been feeling more symptoms of adrenaline and anxiety. I ran out of sea salt early summer. I have been taking melatonin before bed to get a good nights sleep for the last two years.) After my foot soak, I felt fine. Good, in fact. I thought, Oh, great. I'm one of those who will be energized from the magnesium. I didn't take melatonin. Finally, it got to the point that I needed to go to bed, even if I didn't sleep. Meanwhile, DH decided to work on some of his newly acquired sound system stuff in our bedroom. So, I'm laying there in bed thinking. You know, this is really annoying having him over there, grunting and rustling and making noise while I'm trying to sleep. How will I ever know if the magnesium is working? I could really get angry and let him have it. . .naw. Wow! My body is totally relaxed!! I don't feel sleepy though. You know this is really annoying. I could ask him politely. I know he would stop. . .naw. Boy, this feels so right having my body relaxed. It feels so natural. DH gave up and stopped making noise and I went to sleep. Feel great this morning.
Wanted to give a report about prill water. I have a peace lily that looked pretty bad and I was about to toss it. I began watering it with prill water sporadically. Right now it has about 10 new leaves coming up. Before there were about 4 leaves and they looked pretty shabby. If this plant can be revived in such a short time, imagine what it can do for your body!
My kids are constantly asking for "that Prill water" to drink. Sometimes it comes out 'Krill' and we just chuckle at them.
I had no idea what a good job the prills were doing until last night. I picked up the wrong cup and was hit with a chemical smell; like strong chlorine. Amazing.
I, too, am still loving my laundry prills! I no longer have shirts that stink and I am way saving on soap and baking soda costs! Also, I'm really enjoying my Prill water. My Dh said the water tastes good but it makes him thirsty. I quickly tell him that is a good thing as it will only make him drink more water!!

I just want to jump in and say that I LOVE MY LAUNDRY PRILL. I keep smelling myself and thinking did I put a new softener in this time?? No its my prill. Its the cleanest smell ever.
The laundry prills have solved such a great need for us! My cynical husband is now quite a believer in them!
I must admit that the prills have done a wonderful job of getting rid of that disgusting sour smell from my tea towels... in my pre-Joan world, I would have to double wash and double rinse and STILL they would continue to smell. And it's really amazing how our white socks come out so much cleaner than before when I've even been tempted to use bleach, and still they would look yucky. Unbelievable as now I'm barley using one tbsp of detergent !

I think I will be giving these away as Christmas gifts !
I promised a report on the laundry prill beads...and here goes!

I've been using them for 1.5 weeks now. At this point I am in LOVE with my LAUNDRY PRILLS!!! Prior to the prills I was using a full lid of ALL free&clear plus a cup of Baking soda in my laundry. I could use no other brand or my family would break out and/or my laundry would stink. Plus, we still had mild funk in our clothes!! Since moving to our new neighborhood 3 years ago laundry has been a pain in my side!! it stands today I am using a tablespoon of Trader Joe's plant and vegetable based laundry soap (hadn't been able to use it in a long time because of the smell it left in the clothes) and the prills. Thats it. My clothes have a nice clean smell to them and come out softer. My husbands work clothes are coming out crisper looking too. My DH is having me rewash shirts that had been washed prior to the prills because of the stink.
Got my laundry Prill beads! And, so far, I'm quite impressed! My first load was a pretty grimy sandy load of clothes from a day at the river. I used 1/5th the normal amount of an environmental soap from Trader Joes. I can't usually use it as it leaves a smell on my clothes. I took a shirt from that load and one from the prior load and had my husband smell. The prill load won! Plus, my 22 months old wet sandy jean shorts came out clean! I think these are going to work well for me and be cheaper in the long run!
Well, the prill water has been used now in our little humidifier (an Air-O-Swiss) for about three days. What a difference! White dust is no longer present, coating virtually everything in our house. It was a pain in the neck to keep up with dusting and then there was the mineral buildup in the machine itself.

You are not pulling anyone's leg when you recommend it. Thanks! I've been able to add about an hour a day at least to doing something I enjoy ... not cleaning! Penny N.

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