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There is nothing new or revolutionary about soaking in Magnesium rich waters - your ancestors have done it for thousands of years!

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Reseller Program

Health and Wisdom is an integral part of the world wide natural health community with a rich history and an exciting future. Health and Wisdom has gained the reputation for outstanding service and commitment to customer satisfaction. We are committed to providing the PUREST products at the BEST prices to the end consumer. Because of this, we keep our profit margins low in an effort to support resellers and consumers! Our customers see us as a source to fulfill their needs - and so should you! We love partnering with wholesale customers such as health food stores, practitioners, massage therapists, eye doctors, veterinarians, and others! Providing the purest products at the best prices has been our goal from day one. Most companies today water up the dry magnesium and never reach the concentration or purity of our products. While the price per unit or pound may appear cheaper, the price per dose is always much higher! We also offer private labeling for those looking to build their own brand name.

Some resellers choose to purchase through distribution to be able to buy one item at a time however, this requires the manufacturer to raise their prices at least 40% to allow for the distributor to make their margins. We do not sell through distribution so our ultimate customers save money. We love selling to stores so our fantastic products are available immediately to the end user. If you hesitate carrying our products because you only want to purchase small quantities remember our minimum order is only $50!!

Your customers will love you even more when they understand you are truly looking out for them and saving them money!

Becoming a Reseller

In an effort to have our products available locally to everyone who is interested we allow Retail stores, Practitioners (including Licensed Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Wellness Clinics, Naturopathic Doctors, etc.), Pharmacies, Physicians and anyone connected to the health of a person to resell our products.

Send us a copy of your State Resale (Sales Tax) License and / or your appropriate license or certificate in your field via email or fax 888-424-3294. Be sure to include your email address! Once received and approved we will email you the Wholesale packet to begin purchasing.


When you’re trying to decide who can do the best for you at the right price, there are several factors to consider – Price, Purity, Customer support and Satisfaction. At Health and Wisdom, we proudly model our organization in a manner that meets all expectations.

  • Price – No one beats our prices!
  • Purity – We use only the purest products. We will accept nothing less, should you?
  • Customer Satisfaction – Our customers simply love us!


Our products originate in the United States! Health and Wisdom is located in Southwest Missouri and, being centrally located in the United States, we provide quick delivery nationwide. We also ship internationally and are always looking for valued partners in and out of the United States. With a grand plan to provide courteous service, extensive knowledge and outstanding production in all the areas of Health and Wisdom, we have grown and look forward to sharing in this growth with you, our partners. Our founders had the vision to provide the best product at the best prices. We continue those ideas and values today!

Our Support

Orders generally ship the same day!

We will provide phone or in house (where practical) training to you and your staff! The more you know, the better your sales!

We include product literature and testers for new products (with paid orders)!

Currently our website is set up for RETAIL customers. Orders processed on the website will be charged RETAIL prices at the time of checkout. 

To place your order to resell products please call 877-852-5641 (local 417-424-1040) or fax your order to 888-424-3294 (local fax 417-424-3294).

Raise Magnesium levels in as little as 30 days! Purest, Safest, Fastest Magnesium delivery!