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There is nothing new or revolutionary about soaking in Magnesium rich waters - your ancestors have done it for thousands of years!

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ViraLib® is proving beneficial for viral, bacterial, and fungal infections while providing immune support for the whole body

Viralib® Testimonials

"This stuff (Viralib) is BEYOND COOL! I use this daily and do NOT have herpes outbreaks anymore. Thank you thank you!" Joan W LMT

"I was very sceptical about this product but when my clients feel an anxiety attack starting, they rub this on their feet and within 10 minutes all the anxiety is GONE!" Jerry G. Personal Trainer

"My clients use this to lower their blood pressure! Many are off their bp meds. Thanks!" Debbie A NM

"I use this product and for the first time in YEARS my blood pressure is normal!" Margaret R LA

"With the recent rise in shingles outbreaks your Viralib is bringing relief when applied topically. Amazing!" J.T. D Pharmacist TX

"After 2 years of struggling with and on again, off again tooth ache due to a tiny crack exposing a nerve the dentist wanted to do a root canal. Being opposed to root canals and not wanting to lose the tooth, I decided I had nothing to lose (well, besides the tooth) so I brushed the tooth with Viralib twice a day and within 2 days all the sensitivity to hot, cold, and pressure was GONE! Now I use this product for anything related to nerves!" JW MO

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