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Magnesium Testimonials

   Being in the Natural Products Industry for 24 years, I was intrigued by the fact that there was a product that I had never heard of. When I first heard of Magnesium Oil a few months ago, I thought that there was no way that there could be an oil form of a mineral. Then after doing the research, I quickly realized that in reality it's simply a mineral salt, in a 30% concentration, suspended in a liquid solution.
   Knowing through experience the importance of magnesium as a macro mineral supplement for the body, coupled with the fact that applying the Health And Wisdom's Magnesium Oil directly to the skin it by-passes the gut all together, kicked my mind into high gear.
   As an athlete, I start using the product daily on the body parts that I had worked that day and was amazed at the difference it made in recovery time, sleep and injuries. I start turning other athletes onto the product and they all were very impressed at the difference that it made. Athletes are the best 'test dummies' for any product. If it works for an athlete, it will work for the average person. I personally feel that magnesium is one of the most important supplement that we could take, however, from my experience very few assimilate it well through the intestinal tract. Topical Magnesium Oil is the best way to deliver this mineral into the system. I highly recommend the product to the 90% of the population that is magnesium deficient.
Todd Scarborough
5 time Mr. Arkansas Body Building Champion

I read the books about transdermal magnesium and I became convinced that we are all deficient in magnesium and that the best way to get it to the cells is through the skin. I scoured the Internet, and you have the highest quality, the best prices, and the fastest service. I have now reordered several times and even bought some and had you ship it to a friend. You have never disappointed me. But the best thing is that magnesium is keeping my arthritis in check. Both hands were stiff and painful and now, and since about two months of transdermal magnesium, I am fine, fine, fine! I can still type my 115 WPM and there is no pain playing the piano. Thank you for a great product! -Carol Ann Wilson

Just wanted to say how wonderful you are, Joan! I'm hooked on the magnesium oil and am enjoying noticing benefits every time I use it. Thanks! -Kristy S.

"Our customers LOVE your Magnesium Oil, Gel, and Bath Crystals" - Dandelions, Yellville AR

I've been brushing [my teeth] with magnesium oil every day for the past few months. I went to the dentist a couple of weeks ago and there was almost no scraping, no cavities, and no bleeding! The no bleeding is big because I have ALWAYS been a big bleeder when the hygienist does her thing. I've just always been prone to that. But not anymore! I wanted to do the happy dance right there in the chair! Meredith

My husband had horrible hiccups and I rubbed the Magnesium Oil on his feet - within seconds they were gone!

I just wanted to thank you so much for including the sample of magnesium oil in with my last order. I have been brushing my teeth with it and it has done AMAZING things for my teeth! Thank you! Stacey

My problem is I suffer from Lupus and Fibromyalgia and I am already dealing with much muscle pain. I wanted to let you know that I finally was able to get the money together to purchase the magnesium oil. I am so happy and appreciative of this suggestion. It has done more for me in one week than all the prescription drugs I have been taking for the past 10 years. Thank you so much. Karen Cox

My husband isn't receptive to trying new things even though he knows (and tells other people) what a blessing Magnesium Oil has been for my migraines (this Nov will be 2 yrs without one!). This past weekend he spent the whole day out on our farm tractor cutting fields. Well a farm tractor and a man with a bad back do not mix. He was miserable and didn't think he'd get much sleep. After we were in bed a couple minutes he asked if I'd rub the small of his back (he never lets me touch him when he hurts). I said "Sure, let me go to the bathroom first." I really only went to the bathroom to get the Magnesium Oil. After only 2 minutes he told me "OK, you can stop." I made him let me keep rubbing for 10 minutes when he said that again. I figured I better not push my luck and stopped. I went to the sink, got a very warm washcloth, wiped away the Magnesium Oil, and then put a warm heating pad on his back. The next day he said he didn't think he'd sleep the night before, "but that heating pad really made a difference. I slept all night!" When I told him I thought it had more to do with the Magnesium Oil, he didn't even realized that I used it. Michelle

I just have to write about my experience with Mag oil and migraine. Last Wednesday I had a migraine that Excedrin wouldn't touch, and I had hours before my husband would be home to take over with the kiddos. I remembered someone in this thread posting about rubbing the oil on the temples for headaches. Well, I tried it, and within 10 seconds it seriously took the edge off the migraine. It wasn't gone by a long shot, but I could actually function enough to take care of the kids without too much discomfort. I am making a mental note to always use the Mag oil at the onset of any future migraine. Thanks so much everyone, I would never have known about this had I not come across this fabulous site! Heidi

Mag Oil is a fabulous deodorant! I accidentally found this out. I was reading that if you put MO on your pulse points, it enters your system easier if you can't take a full bath, just shower. Well, I put the MO on under my arms, not sure if this is a pulse point, but forgot the deodorant. I found out it really is a replacement. I am hereby virtually free of all chemicals (except chlorine) since leaving out deodorant and replacing it with MO!

Many of you know that my fur baby [dog] has been diagnosed with diabetes. Our wonderful Joan with all of her infinite wisdom, gave me some suggestions to help him. Because the vet had given our little guy valium/diazepam to help calm him as a result of his seizures, Joan suggested rubbing mag oil on the bottom of his foot pads and inside & outside of his ear flaps. I did just that, twice a day. After his little body seemed to be a little more in balance with his sugar/glucose, and he was back to drinking normal amounts of water, I have to admit that I got lazy with the mag oil (he's afraid of a spray bottle, so it was easy for me to let go of this ritual - but no more). Two days in a row, I came home to a couple accidents in the carpet. As I was cleaning things up, I remembered that I read on Joan's website that a woman had better bladder control when she was consistent with her foot soaks! I went right back to using the mag oil on him, he's home alone all day from 8:30 until about 7pm and voila! NO more accidents! Who knew?

Joan made this suggestion so that I could get him off the valium and it turned out to be a two-fold remedy! Thank you, Joan! This is one that I plan to put in the testimonials on Joan's website. When I think of all those hyper Jack Russell terriers out there that could use a gentle calming down!

Just wanted to pass this along!


Ok, about two weeks ago my husband tore something in his upper thigh doing toe touches for his self defense class. We are pretty sure that something was torn as there was a lot of bruising farther down the leg. We put MO and Dr Christopher's Cayenne Heat Ointment (full name as we just started a new jar and could actually read the label  ) on the leg twice a day and wrapped it. It is two weeks later and the bruising is gone and it is feeling great. The leg began improving the first few days we used it, which is why we felt comfortable continuing it without a doctor's visit.

MO and MG are wonderful for muscle soreness and bruising. We're sure glad that we had it.  Bev

Amazing mag oil!  I gave my new friend some mag oil because she was suffering with toe fungus for SO long. She has tried so many things and nothing has worked. When I heard about mag oil working for fungus, I gave her a small spray bottle. IT IS WORKING!  Well she was over last night and told me she has not had any migraines. Jen

I had to chime in here to say what a wonder mag oil has been for my migraines. I don't know which type of migraine that you get, but the ones that I USED to get forced me into a dark room, I cannot tolerate noise or the smell of food, and by the end of the migraine I'm usually reduced to dry heaves, as there is nothing left in my body to throw up (sorry, tmi!). I've had them since I was 17. I never knew when I would get one, therefore they usually controlled my life. For the most part, I learned how to "live" with them. As a young woman, the dr put me on a blood pressure med, but then had to wean me off when I got pregnant. Since we started a family, I never wanted that back in my body again. Then as a middle aged woman, I developed high blood pressure. Still had very debilitating migraines. About once every couple years they would force me to the emergency room. Then in 2007, when I had migraines so bad that my hubby had to take me to the doctor twice, AND the ER within a 6 week period the doctor put me on Imitrex. I was very concerned about this medicine since you are to avoid it if you have high blood pressure. The only thing this med did for me was make my chest feel like it had a cinderblock on it and my arms felt like noodles! Thanks to this wonderful website, I discovered the mag oil. I ordered it from Joan in Nov of 07. I haven't had a migraine since! When I have been lazy and haven't been doing my foot soaks, I still get the aura in my eyes that I would normally get before a full blown migraine, but I don't get the migraine. I carry a small spray bottle of mag oil in purse. When the aura is in my eyes, I whip off my socks, spray the soles of my feet, let it dry, and voila!, no migraine! Now, when I get the aura, instead of freaking out that I'm going to get a migraine, I just figure the aura is my body's way of telling me that I am low on magnesium. When people mention migraines in my husband's presence, he says "my wife has a cure for migraines."

Once you start a regimen of foot soaks, your body will let you know how often you need to do it, or should I say, how long you can go without doing them! I usually get three soaks in, in a week. Good luck. ~ Michelle

I have had migraines for over 15 years and I get them almost every other day, I don't want to get my hopes up, but since I've been bathing in the magnesium oil, I have not had one, and I feel so much better. Kim

I've been putting about 4 drops of mag oil on my toothbrush and using it straight with nothing else (except water since I wet the brush first). It's been about 10 days or so, and my teeth look whiter and more "solid" (translucency diminishing).

As a side note, I had a cold sore last week and decided to put mag oil on it. It stung like crazy, but it sure went away faster than usual. I've got this cold, and last night I started feeling that cold sore tingle again. I put mag oil on it a couple of times, and today, no tingle.

I had some sore spots in my mouth when I started using the mag oil. I will get those if I revert back to regular toothpaste. It stings (OUCH!), but I believe it helped them go away faster.

I also had a nasty bruise on my thigh from a run-in with our entertainment center, but after putting the mag oil on it, it went a way very quickly.

Good stuff! Meredith

By the way, I don't even have prill water yet and in 3 weeks my feet are transformed!  I had such dry, cracking feet and my daughter wanted to rub my feet the other night.  How sweet is that?  She in nine and wants to own a massage business (come on reflexology).   Anyways she is only nine and said all your hard skin is gone!  I ripped off my socks and low and behold had feet of a teenager!!! Jennifer

I love Magnesium oil and gel! I'm hooked! I can't believe what it has done for my bottoms of my feet! I now use it everywhere.

I love my magnesium products. I have stopped having those annoying heart palpitations that started this year which were hormone related, I'm sleeping better and don't suffer from PMS like symptoms anymore. I recommend it to everyone. Allie

OK everyone - this is exciting. After I ordered magnesium oil for the first time in October - I read Joan's post about brushing her teeth with it and her good results. I decided to try it because they always do an x-ray and "keep an eye on" a weak spot above a crown because the enamel is so thin.

Today I went to the dentist - only a little over a month after starting the MO and I asked after the x-ray how my tooth looked. She said "well, I must have taken a funny picture last time, because the strange thing is, it looks better, and that cannot happen" so, I didn't say anything about the MO yet, but in May when I go back, if it is even better yet - I will share my information with them.

Thank you for having this product, Joan! Pat

Loving the magnesium... blood counts are going up as they should. It's saving my life!! Thank you! Amy

My foot warts (which I'd had burned off and had come back) completely disappeared after about 6 weeks of mag oil foot soaks every other day. Kirsten

I read the books about transdermal magnesium, and I became convinced that we are all deficient in magnesium and that the best way to get it to the cells is through the skin. I scoured the Internet, and you have the highest quality, the best prices, and the fastest service. I have now reordered several times and even bought some and had you ship it to a friend. You have never disappointed me. But the best thing is that magnesium is keeping my arthritis in check. Both hands were stiff and painful and now, and since about two months of transdermal magnesium, I am fine, fine, fine! I can still type my 115 WPM and there is no pain playing the piano. Thank you for a great product! Carol Ann

My Husband has had Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) for the past 15 years. We have literally tried so many different remedies, medications, juices, vitamins, herbs, etc. We could have purchased the moon. The medication the RA Dr. prescribed runs about $1,500/mo, and seeing how we don’t have insurance, he goes without. Did I mention he is a concrete contractor? Before we found our angel Joan, and the MO (Magnesium Oil), he was nearly wheelchair bound as well as pushing being fully disabled. His RA affects him through out his body, everything from neck and shoulders, to hands and feet, and everything in between. He had been taking prednisone for so long his skin was tissue paper thin, if he got a sore, it would take weeks for it to heal. There were days he literally couldn't get out of bed because of the pain. After receiving our MO, I immediately, prepared a spray bottle diluted ½ & ½ , as well as setting up each of us with a foot bath. The day our MO came, he had been suffering a “flair up” for a couple of days with major foot pain, He could hardly walk. Just a few short minutes into the soak, I seriously thought he was faking his exuberance and disbelief at the immediate relief of pain. Everyday he faithfully sprays his entire body now with full strength MO after his shower, and soaks his feet at least every other day. He has gone from taking 12 different kinds of medication, to 5. He takes less than a quarter the amount of pain meds, and other RA meds, that he had been taking for 15 yrs. He lost 25 lbs, he now goes to the gym 4-5 times a week, his receding hair line has nearly filled in and his hair is no longer gray. MO has literally saved my husbands life. He is a completely different man with the MO. I'm not joking when I say being with out MO is a life and death matter.

Just a few of the things we've used it successfully for are: Relief for every kind of pain, for RA and neuropathy, sore muscles, burns, swollen eyes, abscesses on our little dog, sleep aid, toe nail fungus, asthma, menstrual problems, skin irritations, sunburns, infected tooth, regularity, lowers cholesterol & blood pressure, smashed fingers, stitches, concrete burns, you name it if it needs fixed or healed, MO is the first thing we try.

Thank you Miss Joan, for your compassion, and caring heart. I'm scared to death to think of having to get by with out our MO.

Rechelle Evans

After researching all I could about magnesium and the best place to purchase, it was an easy choice. You are the best! You have the best web site and prices.  The customer service Joan provides is outstanding. I was so curious about all the products I purchased most of them, the one product I wasn't sure would be my favorite has turned out to be.  It's the prill water, I was buying perrier because I wanted a good mineral water and after using the prill beads I prefer the taste of it. I put the beads loose into an open gallon jug of filtered water and let them set for 24 hours and then pour it into glass bottles and start again. I'm only able to use the magnesium oil for foot soaks because I'm one of those people with very sensitive skin and  putting it on my body was not working out but I didn't want to give up on something that I knew was so beneficial. I purchased a heated foot spa to put the oil in and it is wonderful. Thanks for a reasonable place to buy these products! Kimberly M.

It is a great deodorant. I had moved over to safer deodorants but they still didn't work that well. So I thought that maybe in combination, it would be better. First I wash the body. Then spray on one squirt of MO and spread it around. I allow it to dry a bit. No bad, stinky whiffs all day!

I am so, so happy! Amy

I have been doing foot soaks, and am reaping huge benefits. Last night I put the mag oil in my hair after shower, and I really can't remember having hair this soft (I have coarse curly hair) and I noticed much less frizz. I also have had this spot on my face since returning from Iraq 4 years ago (sun spot?) - doc has checked it out so no worries there, but last night I put some mag oil on it, and we will see what happens. Good luck, and REALLY - give it a try.


I had to share. I recently bought some Mag Oil from Joan (so very nice!!) and I have a success story on day 1.

I had foot surgery at the end of May. I am not the most graceful... Sunday I fell UP the stairs (second time since the surgery) and wrenched my foot pretty good. Terrible pain. I soaked in epsom salt Sunday night, and woke up Monday to same pain. By Monday night after work, I was thinking about taking Darvacet (sp?), but decided to do a Mag Oil soak.

This morning I woke up to FAR less pain (almost none) and I can actually move the toe more than I have been able to since the operation. No way this is a coincidence.

I highly recommend it. Even without pain, the benefits are tremendous!!

Thanks Joan!!!


I wanted to let you know that I "LOVE" your magnesium products.

I read the little insert on the "ultimate bath soak" and would like to also order the bath crystals, magnesium snow and fg mica crystals.
Thank are a wonderful company and I'm grateful for your services and products.


My first bottle (from another supplier) went to my daughter so when I received my second one today, I discovered a wonderful surprise. Not only is your oil clear, not yellow, it worked on contact to make my ankle feel great. (broke it several years ago)
Rubbed my feet with the oil, put on socks/shoes and my afternoon has been very mellow.
And, thanks for my second laundry pouch - my daughter used mine and won't give it back! We both love it! Kay H.

Hey you guys I just had to report another mag oil victory! As some of you know I have been fighting a horrible case of poison ivy! Well I tried every home remedy you could possibly think of and then some! Finally I gave into using mag oil because I thought there was no way it would hurt worse then any of the others. Well after 1 day I greatly improved. 2 days worth made me way over the top excited. I so wish I had tried it last week first. Yes I thought about it but never read the miracle of mag oil on poison ivy!

This is my all time favorite product! NH

I have been using the MO applied on my feet every night at bedtime for about a week and a half now. I did not really notice a difference at first. Then Tuesday night, I blew off my MO application... big mistake! I tossed and turned and SWEATED until about 2am, when I gave up and applied the oil then went back to bed. I swear that I slept like a baby right after that! It is like someone else said, you do not always realize what a difference the oil makes until you stop using it!


I had read that people had experienced their translucent teeth turning opaque. I've been brushing with the oil for two months now. Haven't noticed the opaque effect but my teeth are definitely less sensitive to cold (actually, they're pretty much not sensitive to cold at all).

I spray my toothbrush once with straight mag oil and brush. This stuff tastes foul, there's no getting around it. But I've become oddly accustomed to it. Terez

I've been soaking (not every day) and rubbing the [magnesium] oil into my feet (toes especially, since these are the reflexology points for headaches), I haven't had a migraine since. I started using the mag oil in November. I won't let myself ever be without it! Michelle

I have severe damage due to injury and the magnesium oil has been a very great help in relieving pain. I have no discs the last five vertebrae and yet, I'm walking around and my limp is not nearly as noticeable. I attribute all of that to the mag oil. PW

My daughter (19) did the halter monitor for 30 days, 14 yo at the time. Nothing eventful during the entire time. She had *many* sporadic episodes before, that's why they prescribed the longer time. It was when we went in for the exam, after the halter, that as they were doing the ultra sounds and all those other *live* tests and listening to her heart that they found *four* different issues nothing that needs work at this time. Funny how 30 days found nothing, but laying on a table with a simple stethoscope, brought the episodes on... Her chiro recommended *standard process* magnesium and when used regularly, or foot soaks, (not much time for that as college student) she has NO issues, ever. No matter the stress, sugar or caffeine consumption, which the heart specialist suggested she try as pure speculation, works for some not for others.... But the magnesium is a definite plus for her, no TMJ pain either..... Lori

I can't function without regular foot soaks and baths. To me transdermal magnesium is a lifesaver. I've had so many life changing experiences since I've been using the Magnesium Oil. I wish I could remember all the problems I used to have. I sure as heck don't want to be reminded the hard way. EF

Wow as you guys know I LOVE my mag oil! So I had to come over here and tell you what it has been doing.

My husband has soaked for the last couple of months consistently and it having great results. He is feeling a lot less stress.... very calm, not getting up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night and his toe nail fungus is dying off! It took him a little while of soaking to notice anything. I believe it is because he was so deficient!

Since he was really seeing the results I decided it was time to peg another family member. I put my dd feet in it 2 nights ago. She woke up completely calm. This is a very high strung child. Lets just say you can look at her and make her mad. 3/4 the way through the day my oldest son goes mom I think that mag oil is working for her. I have never seen her not bicker or get upset. Keep giving it to her. Boy after he said that I gave her actions a lot of thought. The biggest response she gave all day was "yeah right". That was a case where she usually would have yelled and carried on.

I am giving this a trial run for the week. She is never calm for 2 days. I will let you guys know if it keeps up. At this rate I may soak all of my kids feet for PEACE!!!!!!!!

Just had to share! Nikki

Maybe I mentioned this, my teeth are whiter partly because they are less translucent. It's worth bringing up again because I noticed on a molar where I have a silver amalgam filling that filled in the side of the tooth, the filling no longer shows on the side as it did before. It's got tooth there now! Mag Oil definitely had its effect! I need to order more! 

The mag oil has been a Godsend for me since I'm already starting to feel Braxton Hicks contractions. I'm only 12 weeks but the mag oil on my feet has stopped them every time.
During my last pregnancy, the Braxton Hicks were almost crippling in the last few months. They would double me over every time one struck which was about every 3rd step I took. I think this time around I've got something that will prevent that from happening again.

I stupidly burned myself twice yesterday on my curling iron. Usually when I burn myself--even just a little--I will break out in a welt surrounding the burned area. It only lasted several minutes but it can be painful & usually interferes with anything I'm trying to do at the time--like finish getting ready for work. However, both times yesterday I put a little Mag Oil on each spot & never felt the burns again. This stuff is better than Aloe Vera Gel.  Pam

I have had a small wart on one finger that had been surgically removed, but returned, thriving for many years. I'm happy to report that it is gone now. The only thing I have been doing differently is using my hands to apply the oil and gel to my face and hair. Great stuff! Faith

I just wanted to report that the teeny tiny little spider veins (light red and wispy) I have on my ankles and calves are fading.

I've been faithfully skin brushing and soaking 3 to 4 times a week [in Magnesium Oil] and it sure does make a difference. Yes!


All I can tell you is my toenail fungus is a nasty memory. The MO works wonders. While the fungus was dying it felt like it was fighting to live. It was not painful but I felt it burning.


I just received the oil and gel with seaweed yesterday and had my first foot bath with the oil---I slept like a baby. Thanks, Bonnie

You know I just stumbled across your website one day when I was looking for something to help my hip bursitis and sore Achilles tendon.  My Achilles feels so much better after soaking my feet in mag oil for around 3 weeks and rubbing the oil on the hurting spot. Pat

Thank you so much for your fantastic products!! They have stopped terrible migraine headaches and long-term insomnia!!! Cannot thank you enough:)!!!! Michele

Guess what I started noticing that I'm missing??!!!?? I am missing my crow's feet at my eye corners. They come back when I smile, BUT they are not there all the time like before. When I am not smiling, I don't have them. I am also loosing my forehead furrows. I only have them on the left side now and they are diminished. I am looking younger.

YEA!!!! I love my ACV [Apple Cider Vinegar], Magnesium Oil and VCO [Virgin Coconut Oil]. It's making a difference in my body.


I can move my toes again..(arthritis), I can move my back and shoulders without pain. (my husband rubs the mag. oil every evening on my back)
I brush my teeth with the magnesium oil. Also use the prill-water. At this moment I'm measure the ph from my urine (I'm loosing a lot of hair) When I come out bed the ph is 5..but after 750 Ml. is ph7!!! - Dia in Holland

I have been using the magnesium oil and gel. Heading into my third month.

I sleep better. I used to take melatonin, but don't have to anymore. Did you know that your body needs magnesium to produce melatonin? Makes so much sense.

Stress is not as hard on me.

Anxiety has diminished.

I put it on my face, the bags under my eyes aren't as swollen, my pores are definitely getting smaller. I also carefully put it on my eyelids and my eyes don't get as tired anymore. I had read about using an oil that way for dry eyes and decided to try it with MO.

I put it on my spider veins and have noticed improvement. I do AL to get the sluggish blood out of the leg, put on the magnesium gel, follow it with Joan's wonderful cayenne salve [Dr. Christopher's Cayenne Heat Ointment] and put the feet up for 20 min. (By the way, Joan, I love the smell of the salve.)

I soak my feet about 2-3 times a week or whenever I have had a stressful day or am especially tired.

We use the gel on bumps and bruises. I put it on cuts or scrapes, peel myself off the ceiling, and watch it heal faster.

I brush my teeth with the oil-I'm up to full strength now. My teeth were translucent, but now the enamel is rebuilding again. I could tell a difference within days.  My husband says if it is doing this for your teeth, think what it is doing inside your body.

I put some MO in my shampoo and use the gel in my hair when I am ready to style it. I also use virgin apple cider and prill water as a rinse for my hair. My hair has always been limp and would lose whatever curl I managed to get in it by noon. Now, it is shiny and manageable and holds the style all day, sometimes into the next day.

We also have the prills and love the taste of our water now. We want to get the laundry prills also.

But I am so pleased with the MO and gel, I would not like to be without it again.


I just wanted to pop in with yes anther success story for Mag oil.

I had an employee tell me about his 11 yo son who had a rash all over his belly, back and legs. Mom was rubbing a steroid cream on it.
So I gave him some Mag oil and told me to dilute it so it didnt burn him. His mom called me last night to say thank you cause the rash is almost gone and within 10 min of spraying it he said it felt better!!  Kim

However, I also put magnesium oil into my shampoo (just put shampoo in palm, add a bit of Mg oil and mix, and wash! And it does appear as if a little bit of the original color is returning to my hair. (I read about that possibility on this site). I'm not quite the ol' grey ghost in the rearview mirror now.   HTH

I haven't been using the mag oil for all that long but I have already noticed some major improvements. the very first night I soaked my feet, I didn't wake up with horrible foot cramps. I still get them but ONLY on nights that I forget to soak or am just too tired and/or lazy to do it. now I make sure that if I don't soak, I at least spray my feet down with the mag oil before I put on my socks and go to bed.
another thing I have noticed some improvement in is my anxiety levels. as long as I continue to soak, the level of anxiety I have the next day is tolerable. If I don't soak or spray my feet with the oil, the next day im usually having to sedate myself with some relaxant herbs of some kind just to get thru the day. gotta love the mag oil!!!

I am so excited, today I went to the Dentist, and had the grading thing done, last year the numbers were mostly 4's and 5's. Today there was only one 5 and a few 4's, the rest were 2's and 3's. I have only been brushing with straight MO for about 2 months now. Just think what it would have been like if had been brushing with MO longer.


I had noticed what looked like the beginning of fractures on my teeth.  The dentist told me it was normal because of my age.  I had visions of major dental bills because I wouldn't walk around with broken teeth.
I read a post about brushing with Mag Oil had decided what the heck and started brushing with the MO and OraMD.  I used the OraMD to hide the taste of the MO.  I'd been brushing with the OraMD and Dr Bronners for a while & it wasn't doing much for me.  Well since I've been brushing with the MO the fractures seem to be going away and my teeth are no longer looking slightly transparent.
 Last week I received my Dr Christophers tooth powder and WOW.  My teeth are looking better than ever and my gums are looking great.  Wherever the gums had been receding the gums seem to be growing back.  No more bleeding gums and no more tender gums.  Now I spray the MO onto my toothbrush and dip it into the tooth powder.  What a winning combination. EF

I use the magnesium products from Joan Schrader at Health and Wisdom and it is rebuilding my health so much in needed ways. It also enabled us to conceive again! Magnesium is directly related to infertility and a host of other health problems that are consistently prescribed for or treated in other ways including by homeopaths and naturopaths because not enough is known about this most vital mineral, magnesium. PW

We brush our teeth with mag. chloride oil (2 oz spray bottle) mixed with 20 drops of peppermint oil.  At my last routine dental cleaning, the hygienist asked me if I was using a tooth whitening product. She told me my teeth had NO plaque on them and that my gums were so healthy looking - she wanted to know what I was doing.  My children have also been receiving compliments from their dentist visits on their "excellent brushing!"  Their teeth look so white and healthy!  My 19 yo daughter was skeptical, but after brushing only 2 times with my homemade tooth spray, the white lines (hygienist said they were calcium deposits) that were on her teeth disappeared.  She is a regular brusher with mag. oil now!!   Sue

I went to the dentist today for my semi-annual cleaning. I have been brushing with fine sea salt and baking soda (equal parts) and about 10 drop of MO.
The gal that does the cleaning usually uses some sonic thing to clean the plaque or tarter (whichever) before she does any scraping or digging. This time she exclaimed "Goodness you have such a small amount of cleaning to do I don't need to use anything but a little bit of scraping with a pick." Took her only a few minutes and she just kept talking about the wonderful condition of my teeth, she called in the dentist to look them over. It almost got embarrassing. They had always been in pretty good shape. I almost didn't need cleaning, just polishing. I told her I was using salt and soda, but did not mention the MO, wanted to get on my way, and didn't want to prolong the Oh's and ah"s. Will tell then in June when I go back. Oh, another thing. I had a jaw tooth that was "mobile" according to the Dentist (I couldn't tell anything) and she checked it and said," Goodness that tooth is no long mobile! You are taking excellent care of your teeth!! sure made a short story long. Give this a try. DT

Just wanted to add that there growing mommies [pregnant] love it [Magnesium Oil] too! Really the mo has made a huge difference for me. It should be on all of Santa's wish lists! Nikki

So far, I am only pleased. I diluted the MO 50% with distilled aloe and have been using it mostly at night after washing and then putting Shea butter over as a moisturizer. Even at that dilution, it still tingles and my face gets a little pink. Not painful, just tingly. It appears to already be helping to firm up the skin on my cheeks and maybe is helping the large pores on my nose to shrink (but then, that might just be me wishing too hard!)

Anyway, I love it when you caution us to take things slow--it helps to reinforce my own realization that no matter what miracles someone else reports, a substance is only good for my body if I actually need it. Heather

I finally ordered some magnesium oil and gel. I did a foot soak last night with the MO and used the gel on my body. Today I have used the gel on my body and in my hair. The gel feels very nice on my skin. It is not sticky at all. I do not notice much of an odor. It is barely noticeable and not a bad smell. The smell dissipates after the gel absorbs. My skin feels noticeably tighter and my hair feels more smooth and looks shinier. I have used the gel on my face. It did not sting and had a firming effect on my face.

Today, I feel more calm. I am usually very, anxious. I have restless legs also. Today I feel much more calm than I have felt in a long time. Joan shipped my order lightening fast and she has been so helpful answering questions.

I plan on using this from now on.

Thanks Cindy

I just want to let everyone know what great results I have had using MO. I have been using straight MO on my face for about 4 months and I just noticed that my sagging eye lids are lifting. Being 50 + you know how those eyelids can sag. My right eye lid use to sag to about the middle of my pupil, I noticed the other day that I can see my whole pupil on my right eye now. So excited.


I just wanted to share my experience:

1. I use the MO straight on my face. I had (yes, 'had') two dry patches running down the sides of my mouth. When I first applied the MO, this area turned very red and it burned! Joan or someone (forgive me here) said that the 'redness' is likely coming from the MO bringing blood to that area. Now, how the MO knew that I was 'damaged' in these spots is beyond me!

2. I have been using MO straight for over a month and my face no longer gets red anywhere. My dry patches are mostly gone (time will tell for sure if this is permanent).

3. I have had to start rinsing my face after the white residue appears. If I don't, my face gets very dry.

4. My girlfriend at work at these itchy patches all over her body. They drove her nuts and kept her up at night. No doctor could help her and she tried every cream imaginable (both prescription and over the counter). I gave her some MO to try and they are virtually 'itch free'! Yippee! They are still there a bit and they itch a little, but she said nothing has helped her like the MO. (I then gave some to another GF for her hives. I have no idea what this will do for her, but will report back once she has had an opportunity to use it.)

5. I was breaking out on my face for a long time when I first started using the MO. It has gotten much better and the pimples now are just whitehead-like versus actual 'pimples'. DA

After the post about using the OIL faithfully on the face day and night (which I had stopped doing when I got the gel) and looking younger (congrats!) I went back to using the oil on my face night and day and you know, it really does make a big difference in toning my skin.

I still will put the gel on later and the VCO but the OIL is a must for looking more toned. Pamela

On another very positive note, I fell the day before Thanksgiving (2 weeks ago) and had a HUGE deep purple bruise (think dinner plate size and a purple darker than the header at the top of this page) on my left thigh. Man, it hurt and was swollen for several days. I couldn't wear jeans because they were too tight. Anyway, I began rubbing in MO and MG into it a couple of times a day. When I could, I began to do PBS and HDs to get the lymph flowing. It's now two weeks later...and the bruise is almost completely GONE! Not lighter purple, not green, not yellow - GONE! Just a slight ring around the edges (looks like a nebula). It still has a knot on the muscle but that fades more each day. AMAZING STUFF!

And Joan, feel free to add THAT story to your website! VD

My gums look so much better also. My son has red and infected gums. I have gotten him started on the MO. He hates the taste, but his gums are improving. Bev

I love brushing with MO and peppermint essential oil and my teeth and gums look better than they have looked for years. Now I smile a lot more just to show them off  I ordered the tooth powder today in the hope it will take the whole procedure one step further.

I'm sorry I don't remember who posted the tip about soaking wilted lettuce in prill water, but it's really great. Now I soak all my greens in prill water - wilted or not - they are much crisper and taste better.


I could not stand the headache any longer and decided to try a foot soak. I am happy to report approx. 20 min. later the headache and nausea were gone. Brenda

I had a splitting headache Saturday night and decided to go ahead and do my MO soak before going to bed, hoping for a great night's sleep. By the time the soak was done and I was getting into bed, I realized the headache was almost gone. I didn't really do anything else, so it must have been the MO. MG

Coolest Thing with Mag Oil!

When I was in Florida this year, friends (Michelle and Rhonda) had the CUTEST French manicure on their toes! I told Rhonda I'd love to have it, but I had to wait until this "patch" of damage from nail polish grew out on my nails. Rhonda said I could have it buffed out / or ground off....or something like that from a professional....but I never got around to it.

Anyhow, for all this time, I assumed the only way of removal was to have the nail grow out. I'm not sure how to explain it, but on the nails of my big toes, the nail had a white discoloring from polish. I nearly always have polish on my nails, but I removed it a few days ago intending to reapply but hadn't gotten around to it.

Last night was the 1st time I soaked my feet in mag oil with polish "naked" toe nails. When finished soaking, and wiping off my nails........I thought? hey, what's happening to the white stain from previous polish??? As I continued to rub with the towel, the "white" stain completely vanished.

So now, I think....this "white" stain is actually a drying of the nail surface, much like how dry skin is white and flaky. Well, we all know how great mag oil is at removing dry skin and APPARENTLY it does the same for our nails!

I am so thrilled! I can now go polish "naked" and have great looking nails on my toes!

So not only does mag oil give effortless manicures with cuticle removal, it also repairs and removes "dead" nail surfaces!

Gotta love the simplicity of it all.


The Ultimate Bath was relaxing and I did a foot soak the next day full strength w/no stinging. I sprayed mag oil on after bath and was a little stingy, only till it dried. I am really impressed with the laundry prills, my husband is also. I did several loads w/no detergent including my husband's horrible work clothes (chain oil, gas, diesel fuel), everything came out clean, smelled like I dried them outside and they were soft w/ no fab soft.

Wow!!! Wow!!! I first got interested in this thread, cause of spraying MO on the teeth, but lost that as I read more and found out more about the advantages of MO and ways to use it. Less than a week ago, maybe 4 days ago, I started spraying and brushing with 50/50 MO and prill water. My teeth were almost translucent. I have to tell you that I can tell a difference in my teeth from day to day. My husband has even noticed it. My enamel is coming back and my teeth are looking so much better. I am loosing the translucency  (don't even know if that's a word) and I am so glad. I would say it's about 60% gone. I never imagined such a quick change. I am so glad I got the MO.

Thanks again to Joan!!

I had a bruise on the back of my leg down near the ankle, I winged a ligament and had a sore stingy response to touch. When I put the gel on, the hurt goes away in less than a minute. But I also noticed the bruising seems to be going faster also. I have decided to put on the gel regularly for awhile instead of waiting till it hurts.

I also love the MO (50/50) on my face. It stings a little, but that goes away soon. I follow with CO and find myself looking for reasons to do it in the middle of the day.

I've been soaking my feet in the MO for about a week now. We went out of town this weekend, so taking the tub of MO wasn't an option. I did bring the bottle of it and rubbed my feet with it liberally every night. Then when I got home on Saturday night, I soaked my feet for about 10 minutes. WOW...what a difference! It's true that sometimes you don't know how well something is working until you don't do it anymore. My legs felt so relaxed, and I just drifted off to sleep so easily. Yet, even just rubbing my feet with MO while I was gone, I didn't notice any negative effects. It was just that the soaking felt so much more "intense."

Another thing that happened was that my chiropractor commented that my back and neck were much easier to adjust than last time. In fact, he said it was the easiest that he's ever adjusted me. I told him briefly about the MO and promised to send him more info. Whenever I've had headaches, or sometimes just before going to bed, I've massaged the MO or MG into my neck and upper back, so it must be making the muscles less constricted (an amazing feat for me!). Vicki

I have had a muscle under my left breast that has been cramping on and off for years-8-10. I always feel it when I do the runners stretch in B/R. I did the runners stretch today for the first time since I got my MO and DID NOT have that cramp. I am gradually starting to use the MO in many of the ways I have read here and am pleased with all I have tried.

I have very bad arthritis in my hands and after reading every one of the current pages started with MO, herbal calcium tea, joint formula and prill water. It was Eileen's post that convinced me to try it - after all I haven't had much success with the other products I've been using for 25 years. In one week three of my fingers on my right hand looked normal, no swelling and I could bend my fingers down to the palm. I now have five fingers altogether that have lost the nodules around the joints and have more mobility in my hands. That's pretty amazing!

Love my MO, feeling calm and sleeping well - even my husband is soaking. The plants, dog and my husband and me are all enjoying the prill water. Plus I'm using acv diluted on my face and body as a toner, followed by mo and coconut oil. The mo and coconut oil has cleared up the scabby rash on my dog and the same regimen is working wonders on my my husband's dry skin. Wow I'm replacing so many products I must be saving a fortune! Pat

I got all my stuff the other day. YEA!!  I got my prill water started-love the feel of it in my mouth. It feels softer, almost like nothing's there. So, last night I did my first foot soak-50% oil/50% prill water. (About 4 years ago I had panic attacks and adrenaline surges to beat the band. Now coming to understand I was low in magnesium. But I started using Celtic Sea Salts, which gave me some magnesium and I gradually felt better. Not understanding the magnesium connection. Lately, I have been feeling more symptoms of adrenaline and anxiety. I ran out of sea salt early summer. I have been taking melatonin before bed to get a good nights sleep for the last two years.) After my foot soak, I felt fine. Good, in fact. I thought, Oh, great. I'm one of those who will be energized from the magnesium. I didn't take melatonin. Finally, it got to the point that I needed to go to bed, even if I didn't sleep. Meanwhile, my husband decided to work on some of his newly acquired sound system stuff in our bedroom. So, I'm laying there in bed thinking. You know, this is really annoying having him over there, grunting and rustling and making noise while I'm trying to sleep. How will I ever know if the magnesium is working? I could really get angry and let him have it. . .naw. Wow! My body is totally relaxed!! I don't feel sleepy though. You know this is really annoying. I could ask him politely. I know he would stop. . .naw. Boy, this feels so right having my body relaxed. It feels so natural. My husband gave up and stopped making noise and I went to sleep.  Feel great this morning.

I was very good at daily soaking the first month. I now soak 2-3 times a week with a bath a few times a month...not enough magnesium time.  I noticed better health when I was more consistent. However, I do use the mag gel on my whole body daily after showering followed with vco. I'm committed to that and love what it does for my skin!

I really enjoy my once-a-week magnesium baths, so I may increase them -- especially since the bath does not cool off as quickly as the foot soaks. I love lying back completely submerged except for my face, and my hair loves it too. It has never been so manageable.

But some really good news: I have a neuropathy on the bottom of my right foot. Anyone who has experienced this knows that it causes serious sharp pain and burning, to the point of sometimes being unable to walk. Usually I wear a toe spreader to keep pressure off the nerves. Yesterday I participated in an anti-war march and forgot to wear the spreader. Even though my feet were tired afterwards, there was no pain! Amazing!

It’s been 3 weeks for me now and the skin on my feet has started to peel. But unlike some of you who find it coming off in pieces, in my case it’s “rolling” off. The skin underneath is sooo soft, like a baby’s.

I do my foot soaks right before I go to bed because it puts me to sleep so fast! I have noticed when I’m soaking that I can actually feel the skin on my legs getting soft, then the skin on my thighs. After I get in bed I can feel that my hips, belly and bum are really soft, after that I’m asleep but I think the softness continues to move up.

Well, I've had my Mag Oil and Mag Gel for a week now. Only last night and this morning I was "brave" enough to use the Mag Gel on my VERY hyper active rosecea. It did sting, but just a little.

Anyway, my skin looks spectacular today (comparatively) there are still some little red spots but no itchy ones. My cheeks are pink, but not at all itchy or hot. It's WONDERFUL. Susan

Today I added mag oil to my shampoo and conditioner, rather than the gel like I normally do (I have the handy gallon size of the mag oil, dontcha know). Wow, what a difference! I had used about 2/3 of my products and added about 3 pumps of oil into each bottle.

Today my hair has been incredibly smooth, not flyaway at all (it sometimes borders on frizzy), and it is so incredibly soft I can't believe it! It was always nice with the mag gel, but with the oil, WOW! Helena

I love my MO. I don't know what I'd do without it now.  Wendy

Have some more good news to share with you and all the other's on this thread. Okay, I received my mg. oil and other things last Tues. On Fri. TOM appeared (early) however, I didn't experience any cramps! For last 8 months I would experience one day of terrible cramps want to cry and lay in bed with a heating pad ( I refuse to take over the counter pain pills) this month Tom appeared and it was not so bad. Just had to share the news Oh, and my husband told me I was much more pleasant to be around WOOHOO!!!

I am totally having the skin rolling off phenomenon with my feet, which is WONDERFUL because years of gross cracked calluses are going away. Amazing stuff. Saving my pennies for the gel and prill water, which I hope to get next month.... Joy

I'm loving my Mag. Oil and other things. I sprayed the bottoms of dd's feet last night and she slept until 8:45am this morning. I don't remember the last time she slept that late!   Jimella

This summer, the mag oil foot soaks helped reduce inflammation, improved flexibility and made physical therapy workouts more effective. I've been diligent about maintaining 2-3 soaks a week after the initial daily soaks for about a month and my nails seem to be stronger and less brittle, and hair is less apt to fall out, appears curlier...... who knew?

Topically, the mag oil seems to be reducing another celiac-related form of vitiligo, white patches of lost pigment, so I massage in the residue from each foot soak. Recently, the addition of organic coconut oil to the mag oil has helped with moisturization and skin tone. It's wonderful to have natural ingredients replace expensive products that deliver less than their marketing appeal suggests. Judy

BTW has anyone ever reported that age spots start disappearing?  I've had some on my hand and many "freckles" on my arms for a couple of years now.  I'm seeing them fade.  Thanks! Vicki

I guess I'm now in the believer camp. 4 days of foot soaks in dilute MO, and [darned] if my heel cracks aren't noticeably better (like better than they've been in easily 3 years), 4 days of spritzing MO/water on my face after shower, and my gigantic chin pores really aren't there anymore. The biggest, though, is that I've been spritzing the mixture on my scalp and its STOPPED the psoriasis I have cold. blows my mind.

I have had some great results so far from the MO. I'm sleeping better and have more energy throughout the day. My shoulder is also hurting much less. Good stuff!

The ultimate bath felt great yesterday.  Yesterday I got brave and did a mag snow facial while taking a bath. I felt an instant relief in the pain and a definite decrease in redness.  This morning my face was tons better over yesterday!! [From Rosacea] So...I took another bath today and did another facial!

I am hypothyroid (I take medication) and my skin became dry and started to peel (a "symptom" of hypothyroidism) and my doctor just shrugged it off. She didn't want to test my thyroid (hmo issues) so I read the labels on the lotions she suggested and I told myself there was no way those lotions were touching my skin. I have also been feeling tired as if my thyroid hasn't been receiving the proper amount of medication.

Since using the mag oil and letting it dry them applying body lotion (one that I will allow to touch my skin) the dryness has improved and the peeling has stopped.  Lil

I have something very very special I want to share. My husband has had cancer 2x in the past that was removed without the need for radiation or chemo therapy. He was diagnosed a few months ago with non Hodgekins lymphoma (never get spelling right). There was something wrong with his blood work that they couldn't pin down. After finally doing a bone marrow test 2 1/2 years after trying to track down why they were finding strange things with his blood.

I have been making him drink Essiac Tea, Ambrotose and a couple months ago added the MO foot soaks. The Essiac Tea and the Ambrotose has been keeping his numbers down and the problems from progressing but didn't make the numbers go down. After adding the MO foot soaks he went for his usual blood tests and a pet scan and the report was his numbers have gone down and his pet scan was clean they couldn't find anything. I know it's the MO because he has been using the other products for the past 2 1/2 years without any changes, which is a good thing nothing had gotten worse.

I just have to say that MO is a muscle SAVER! My lower back was hurting so bad last night (probably out of alignment) that I couldn't even walk straight. I rubbed some MO on full strength this morning and it feels so much better right now. Casey

I use the mag oil for soaking and am really noticing when I do not. The two days I did this week I woke up refreshed and ready to exercise by 6:30 a.m. The other days I did not sleep as well and it was a struggle to get out of bed!!

For deeper penetration of gel & oil - use a hand towel or tea towel, dampen - put in microwave [or heated in a crock pot] for a minute or two, apply gel or oil to area of concern - you can layer Cayenne heat ointment or spray to top, then apply towel (check for temp first). Cover with dry towel to insulate and remove after heat is gone. Moist heat penetrates deep into tissue.

If you apply it along the spine (Mag oil/gel) you will be targeting all the spinal nerves. Great relaxation, alkalizes, etc. Jane B., LMT
**Health and Wisdom note - we do not endorse the use of microwaves.

I've been soaking in the tub and doing foot soaks for about 3 months and the fungus has been pretty much gone for the past month. I just didn't believe it until then. My nails are starting to turn pink at the bottom, it'll take a while to grow out. The nail is separating since the fungus was under the nail. When it first started dying it was sore or hot under the nail. IMHO, I think the fungus was fighting to stay alive. Hee hee.

BTW, I love the gel. I'm slathering it all over. It isn't sticky and I had no trouble putting on my clothing after using it.

After I soaked last night I slept deep and didn't wake up early to go to the bathroom versus sleeping on the edge and tossing at night and waking up early morning to use the bathroom. Plus, my feet are continuing to look better. The thick skin at the tip of my toes is still peeling off and looking better and my thick fungal nails are continuing to chip off bit by bit. The thick tender buildup under the nail bed has gotten smaller. I'm really liking seeing that...I hadn't expected that benefit when I got the oil. Rose  

I received my MO and Bath Crystals the other day. Have done to foot soaks and can't believe how soft my feet now feel.

There's one other healing I've experienced. On the outside edge of my right foot I have had a sore spot. The skin would hurt even to touch it. I started rubbing the oil on it and then today I knew I had to be in my sketchers all day so I put some on the pad of a bandage and covered the spot. Tonight when I took it off - no red spot or soreness.

I'm ordering the gallon size tomorrow. I may just cover my whole body with it; maybe I'll end up with a new body!

I wanted to share my experience with the magnesium oil.

After reading all the posts about the oil I purchase a small amount of it and thought I'd give it a try.

I had a itchy, red spot right on my Adam's apple that was driving me nuts. I had tried everything on it and I thought what the heck I'll give the mag oil a try. So I put it not only the spot but the whole neck area. Yes it did sting, but it was bearable. I did this for maybe three nights and I'm here to tell you it is gone. Not only the spot but many of the dark crease areas I had on my neck. Not really age spots, but I'm sure age related. Happy dancer here!!

When I spray my feet before bed, I sleep very deep and usually all night without interruption. And when I don't use it, I seem to be much more restless and often wake up needing the bathroom or something.

Had a sore elbow from gardening yesterday and put magnesium oil on it. Immediate relief.

Let me preface by saying that I wish I would have been/stayed more consistent with the MO foot soaks. If I would have been more consistent, this success would have happened so much quicker. I think this has taken about 5 weeks to get them in such better shape; sometimes only soaking one a week. THEY WERE AWFUL!!!!!!!
It is so wonderful to have no cracks in my heels. Now all I have to work on is getting rid of a few small rough patches. I am so pleased with the MO. I have previously tried about everything, cream or balm, with limited success; feet were smoother, but still had deep cracks. MO is great.

I forgot to mention the wonderful improvement on my hand knuckles on my left hand. These had been developing a tough callous that is darker than the rest of my skin. The skin reminded my of elephant hide. The dark color is now faded and the skin is soft and with the texture the same as the rest of my hand. YEAH!!!!!!   Gotta love that MO!    - Louise

This is my 2nd cycle since using the oil, and the problem is...I've lost my period indicator.

I've been fortunate for easy cycles, that is up to about 8 mo ago or so. Since then, the 1st day of my cycle gives me cramps and lower back ache, so when I feel the lower back tightening, I knew it would be coming the next day.

Last month and again today, it COMPLETELY snuck up on me. No period symptoms at ALL!

Okay, kidding, not really a flaw, I'll take not knowing to cramps and lower back tightness ANY DAY!

You've got a GREAT product Joan! AK

Magnesium is fantastic for sleep. I was a horrible sleeper until I found mg and I sleep even better with Magnesium Oil. It's funny since today my husband says he's been sleeping better when he uses it. I actually find that if I wake up in the middle of the night I'll actually go right back to sleep.

I was having problems with a mild case of incontinence. Nothing major, just little bits at a time. I always had to wear a pad just in case. I no longer have the problem. I wear the pads out of fear that something might happen. I throw them away clean. It went away after my 1st couple MO baths. I take 1-2 baths a week now and soak my feet nightly.

Oh yes, no more leg cramps. My knee pain is almost totally gone and my feet are getting better slowly. My skin is soft and silky. What more can I ask?

I mentioned before that I have some serious fungal nails. Since starting mo foot soaks they have changed color and started to peel. One in particular started to break from the toe!  That was sore...  Anyway, the top of that nail has completely come off leaving the enlarged fungal underside exposed. Surprisingly it is only slightly tender. I'm quite excited as to what this means!! The tough thick skin on the ends of my toes has been peeling off and my feet are feeling quite soft. That skin was quite damaged many years ago when I was applying a topical fungal killer that only damaged my skin and hurt like the dickens!

In addition, my hair is softer than I can ever remember and quite shiny!!  I have mo in my shampoo and spray the gel into my hair every day. My skin was getting softer and looking good. headaches have slowly become very minor and not 24/7!  That is good for my whole family!!  Rose

I cannot believe how I'm sleeping like a 20 year old! I attribute it to using the mag. oil. QE

The first thing I did was apply it to my fingernails and I saw a difference with the 1st application. My nails are, oops, were, weak, with a tendency to peel. I use it twice a day on my nails. About a week and a half into it I caught myself scraping dried food off a pan with my thumbnail. I gasped in horror, as that used to ruin a nail and it would take forever for it to improve to its former imperfect form. When I inspected the nail it was just fine. I still don't intend to use fingernails as tools, but this represents a major improvement, and not just in strength, but appearance -- shiny with nice white tips like a french manicure. Woo-hoo!

On the 2nd day I used it as a deodorant and was delighted to find that it works for me. I do dust it with baking soda. If anyone know if this is OK or if there's a better alternative, please let me know. I am extremely happy to be done with the chemicals I used to apply under my arms.

MENSTRUAL CYCLES - I can't rave enough about the magnesium oil foot soaks. That stuff is FANTASTIC!!! I think that EVERYONE should try it.

It COMPLETELY took away ALL the wonderful "joys" associated with the TOM (time of the month) and I had the most normal TOM that I've had in years. It was fantastic.

I'm also sleeping more soundly at night and I feel calmer overall. In fact, if I'm feeling a little stressed, I try to soak for 20 minutes during the day, too. (There are some nice perks to working from home.)

It's very relaxing; feels silky smooth to soak in; and I don't even warm it. I LOVE IT! I soak for at least 20 minutes and then I immediately soak for at least another 20 minutes in warm water and then I'm off to bed.

Per the strong recommendation from my reflexologist/acupuncturist, I've been soaking my feet in warm water for a year for the relaxing and restorative benefits and didn't want/need to give that up for the MO soaks.

I've also used the Magnesium Snow for a facial and that was wonderful, too. My skin felt tighter and smoother afterwards. However, you do need to plan to sit still while it's drying because it will "snow" all over the place if you don't. I highly recommend the Magnesium Snow, too. ~ Pina

That's one more for the MG Oil. I'm still in "shock" over how the oil has worked for me. I can lay in bed at night and go....hmmmm, No muscle twitches. Weird and WONDERFUL!!! After trying to get rid of them for 2 years...I thought I just had to live with them. NOT SO!

I am noticing the Magnesium oil as being the GREATEST for effortless manicures and pedicures!! Cuticle removal automatically with a soak, and oh the shine. My finger nails look like they've been through an awesome buffing job. My nails had been going through a bit of a brittle stage, but now I'm pretty sure I could cut glass with them. AK

Magnesium is fantastic for sleep. I was a horrible sleeper until I found mg and I sleep even better with Magnesium Oil. It's funny since today my husband says he's been sleeping better when he uses it. I actually find that if I wake up in the middle of the night I'll actually go right back to sleep.

I did my first soak last night~! This morning I had lymph drainage elimination...I also did the snow on my upper arms and it seems to have already helped decrease the rash I've been battling for a couple months. Kate

I ordered Magnesium oil from [Health And Wisdom] and have done 2 foot soaks- think I can already see a difference in my cracked heels- Tricia

Mini Testimonial! SUNBURN & DEODORANT

As I have only been using the MO for about a week, I don't have any ultra spectacular report of overall health improvement. However--

Early last week, I was doing some yard work and didn't bother to put on sunscreen because I *thought* I wouldn't be out that long. Dumb, I know--and I don't intend to do it again. When I got back inside, my shoulders and upper arms were red and really sore. After showering, I started putting the 50% diluted oil on the burned spots (it stung like crazy--worse than the burn itself) and let it air dry. And then I spread a thin layer of my squalane-lavender face oil over the skin. I did that several times for the next couple of days and the redness has faded to 'tan' and so far I have not peeled. I am still waiting to see if the skin has been healed or was damaged too badly, but so far it appears it is going to be okay.

Anyway, the actual test that I had meant to give the oil that day was as a deodorant--I think I read on Joan's site that some people use it for that. The same day I burned myself, I put some on as deodorant in the morning...and kept checking while I was working to see if I noticed any odor. After several hours of sweating in the yard I still couldn't smell B.O. Hope this is not TMI...just mentioning that it seemed to work with my body chemistry which is great news because I am always trying to find an effective natural deodorant option.  Heather

Annette writes...

Hello all! Finally, a chance to log on to sing the praises of Magnesium Oil (and the fabulous Joan as well!).

For at least 3-5 months it seems, I had been having a difficult time getting in water. I know, seems silly, but I simply could not get it down. I have been an avid water drinker, min of 80 oz per day for years, and then all of a sudden, just couldn't get it down. No idea why.

When I first received the Magnesium oil, I did a 20 minute foot soak, and then thought what the heck and poured the 12 oz from my foot soak into the tub for a relaxing 20 min bath. When reading the bathing instructions, it said to drink 2 glasses of water after bathing, and my 1st thought was "oh great" "how am I going to get that down". After the bath soak, I picked up a 16 oz bottle of water and to my surprise it went straight DOWN. Hmmm, I thought and picked up another and the full additional 16 oz went straight down. Welcomed reaction, but strange. The next morning, and all through the next day, same thing, water just simply flowed down my throat.

Anyhow, it's been the same from day one on the Magnesium oil, I can drink water again! I know, seems strange, but oh so true!

BUT the most remarkable for me, is the Magnesium oil has lifted a brain fog (for lack of a better term or way to explain it) that I didn't even know I had! The difference is incredible. It was like I was in some kind of funk, that just lifted literally within 1 application.

I've posted several times in the past about my attempt to rebuild from adrenal fatigue. I've done very well with numerous supplements, diet changes over the past couple years, but there was still "something" that I couldn't put my finger on. One of the recommended supplements for adrenal fatigue / repair is magnesium. I was supplementing with Natural Calm, but I could never seem to get the dose down. No matter the dose, it seemed to run right through me if you know what I mean. So now, with the increase in energy, awareness, and just overall clarity I feel with the Magnesium oil, I'm wondering if my magnesium supplement attempt with the Natural Calm was not working for me, and the transdermal application of magnesium with the Magnesium oil is the missing link for my adrenals?????

And my skin? Oh my, so smooth and fresh and youthful looking.

I honestly cannot say enough about the Magnesium oil. It is the one and only supplement I have ever felt immediately.


"The Magnesium oil has made a big difference and improvement in texture. For someone who has keratosis pillaris, that's saying a lot!" Kim P.

My husband picked up a footbath for me. Last night I used it w/ 3-4 oz of the magnesium oil and today I had no problem walking. I also noticed other problems I had, have been getting better by the day since I've been using the Magnesium oil. Eileen F Orlando FL

I put 1/2 strength magnesium oil on a new wart on my finger and it disappeared in only a couple of days!  I am also using the diluted oil on my face (for mild acne) and we are all amazed at how clear my skin is!  We can see an improvement every day!  Kyle in NH

I just wanted to tell you about an amazing response I've had to Health And Wisdom's Magnesium Oil. 
  A friend recommended Transdermal Magnesium so I figured I would give it a try. For the past few years I've had a problem with urine leakage.  I have been wearing panty liners.  I started taking Magnesium baths about a little over a month ago and I no longer have the problem.  I'm still afraid to not wear a pad, but I've been throwing out clean ones ever since. 
   I had been ingesting the magnesium w/ calcium and all I had for my efforts was the runs.  Now by using the  Health And Wisdom's Magnesium Oil in my baths a couple times a week and spraying the Magnesium Oil on my belly daily I'm feeling great and the problem isn't there any more. 

Here is my MG oil update - I started foot soaks and taking calc tea and I'm doing great. I rarely have muscle twitches. YEAH! It's been something that has been going on for 2 years now. I can even eat 1/2 cup yogurt or a slice of raw organic cheese daily now. It's really nice. (I know - acid forming ) Oh, after thought - I do get muscle twitches when I haven't slept well the night before. Other than that, I'm cured.  Wendy H.

Anyone on the fence on whether or not to try this product, and certainly anyone out there with adrenal issues, I urge you to give the Magnesium oil a try.

Magnesium oil is my new staple. Oh, and I recently tried the Magnesium oil gel. The gel is great for daily application.
I've been applying the gel to my under arms and a spot here and there during the day, and using the oil for foot soaks and/or bathing.

I ordered the oil and gel from H & W and had a wonderful experience! They answered all of my questions and completed my order just as they said they would. I had to leave on vacation and he shipped it the day I needed so it would get there when I got home.

I love the product. I am sleeping incredibly well! Better than a baby. I put the gel on my kiddos backs and have my husband using it. My husband messed up a muscle in his hip and it gives him sciatic type pains. When he uses the oil at night, he wakes up without pain. ~ Wendy H. Kingwood TX

I received my order yesterday, thank you. I've tried out ALL of the products and I'm having fun trying to figure out what will work best for my massage clients.  So far, the gel wins hands down in terms of skin feel following application.  In the process, though, I ended up sooo relaxed that I slept 11 hours last night and my habitual teeth clenching is absent. My face looks relaxed, too, which translates to looking younger and fresher - forget  Botox! 

First I slathered the oil all over my body and let that sit for an hour or so while I did a facial with snow and mica dust. Then I bathed in the bath crystals and followed that with an application of the gel everywhere I could reach. By then I was ready for a nap but the phone kept ringing and didn't happen. Bed at 7:00, up at 6:00. It's that easy to look younger, sleep better, and stop the chronic jaw tension. I can hardly wait to see what this will do for my clients and my friends.  I have been on a quest for so many years to find a way to get magnesium introduced topically and I can say now that I think the quest has been fulfilled.

If these products can do so much for me - a person who is aware of magnesium needs and careful to try to get enough - imagine what it can do for people who can't tolerate or don't eat magnesium rich foods and supplements. My youngest client is 62, which means that everyone I deal with is at the age where hypertension, blood sugar, cardiovascular, arthritis, reflux and other digestive disorders are imminent threats to their well being. Magnesium plays a pivotal role in all of those issues, so I'm hoping that my TLC with magnesium products can soften the edges by keeping at least that factor moderated some without introducing diarrhea as oral Magnesium products do. Heck, if I can just get enough magnesium in to allow the muscles I soften to stay that way for a while I'll be content! Additional benefits would be the gravy.

Well, now I've been using the magnesium products for about 3 weeks and I have to say I now can't live without it - both on a professional and a personal basis.   My massage clients are responding to the magnesium gel in ways I never could have predicted and it's almost all good. One client actually had MORE spasms when I used the gel on him and I eventually found out that if there's not enough calcium for the magnesium to balance with that can happen, so that may be why he had that backlash (after it worked remarkably well to soften those tight muscles).  He's one of those people that needs an entire mineral rebalancing, would be my best guess.

Other than that, small miracles are taking place. Remember that all of my clients are people that I know well and have been seeing regularly for many years - my newest client was added to my list 4 years ago. So I am familiar with all of their stubborn areas and have worked those muscles with serious emphasis over and over again without getting that final breakthrough that would make the difference. Well, no more !! Old issues are resolving under my hands as long as I use the magnesium gel and work the muscles to get the blood flowing in along with the magnesium it carries. It takes just as much work, but the results are so much greater than I've ever achieved before.  I've not used it with anyone more than 3 times yet, so can't say just how far this will take us, but so far so good, and it does seem to be increasing in effect as
the process is repeated.

I just came home from working with a 90 yr old friend who called me desperate from having been sick with flu for the past few weeks who couldn't get her strength back and had lost her normal hopeful attitude. She was depressed, afraid, stressed, and cranky. So I got her to lie on her bed and rubbed some Magnesium gel into her legs and feet; after about 10 minutes she started coughing and suddenly realized that she hadn't been able to exhale fully for the past week and was thrilled to be coughing up the junk and getting fresh air into her lungs. She said "I haven't been able to do that all week!" a number of times. It seems that the magnesium had helped relax some bronchospasms and allowed normal breathing processes to take place. Sadly, her doctor had a week before prescribed an inhaler for her but she hadn't figured out how to use it and it was just sitting on her bedside table not helping her at all so I taught her the ropes with that and she'll be able to help herself if she needs to. I had spent the afternoon making her a pot of soup, but I don't think she'll be needing that nearly as much as a nice relaxing bath in  magnesium, so tomorrow I'll take over some bath salts and prills for her. Too bad - it was good soup!    ~ Terry P. Bantam CT

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