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There is nothing new or revolutionary about soaking in Magnesium rich waters - your ancestors have done it for thousands of years!

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Magnesium (the relaxer) is required at the center of every cell in the body. When the cells are low in Magnesium, Calcium (the constrictor) moves to the center of the cell to protect the cell integrity. This causes EVERY CELL in the body to be tight. It is little wonder we suffer from muscle stiffness, headaches, insomnia, rage, and more! Magnesium is required for the proper function of over 325 enzymatic processes in the body. Magnesium is needed to keep the brain, nerves, flexors, motor nerves, spinal nerves and functions throughout the system functioning properly. Passion cools under the influence of magnesium. Negative passions such as hatred, temper outbursts, jealousy, quarrels, resentment, bitterness, hostility, selfishness, greed NEED MAGNESIUM!


  • The human body is made up of 75 to 100 trillion cells
  • Cells are supposed to have a specific shape and gap between them
  • Each one of these cells have the ability to communicate and receive messages from other cells
  • 1% of the Magnesium in the body is in the blood and except for extreme cases of acute alcoholism, starvation, or diabetic acidosis a deficiency will never be discovered through a blood test
  • Magnesium is supposed to be the 7th most abundant mineral in the body
  • Magnesium is responsible for the relaxation phase of the muscles and the heart
  • Magnesium is required in over 325 enzymatic processes in the body
  • One function of Magnesium is to regulate the nerves


  • Up to 90% of the population of the United States is Magnesium deficient!
  • Women pass their deficiencies on to their children – when a woman is deficient in one mineral during pregnancy, it will take 3 generations of supplementation for that one mineral to be restored!
  • People who exercise – Physical exertion strips Magnesium from inside the cells
  • People who do not exercise! – Those who do not exercise generally deal with stress and frustrations which need to be eliminated.
  • The young, the middle aged, and the elderly – Virtually everyone.
  • Those on medication – Prescription and OTC
  • Anyone consuming the Standard American Diet – The ground is stripped of nutrients and when added to processed foods, sugars, and chemicals, there is little wonder we are lacking in Magnesium along with most other nutrients. Additionally, cooking foods decreases nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Mothers given an injection of Magnesium just before giving birth are much less likely to have children who develop Cerebral Palsy. - Dr. Shealy 


Metabolic Stress

Aspartame aka Equal®, NutraSweet®, and Canderel®
Chemical intake – alcohol, tobacco, additives
Excess need for nutrients over supply
Excess supply of junk food over need
MSG aka Hydrolized Vegetable Protein
Nutrient deficient soil
Nutritional imbalances resulting in Depression, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Migraines, Cardiomyopathy, Hypertension, Arrhythmia, etc.
Poor diet – sugar, processed foods, insufficient nutrients
Prescription and over-the-counter drugs
Synthetic vitamins & supplements

Physical Trauma

Multiple Pregnancies

Environmental Stress

Buried emotions
Drugs + OTC’s
Exhausting Exercise
Flashing Lights
Hormone imbalance
Mood disorders
Psychological Stress


Most people are deficient in magnesium and transdermal is the best and fastest way to use it. Furthermore, transdermal is the only way which has been proven to raise DHEA. - Dr C. Norman Shealy

The skin is the largest organ of the body and anything put ON the skin is absorbed IN the body! If you would not eat something, do not put it on your skin as it WILL be absorbed! A simple test - rub a crushed clove of garlic on the bottom of your foot, within SECONDS you will taste it!

All the nerves in the body end in the feet. Assuming there is no foot injury any sore spot on the feet is a result of inflamed nerves to the corresponding organ! Similar points are found on the hands and ears as well! This chart maps the entire body.

Reflexology is based on this science. When properly worked through deep tissue massage the nerves are relaxed and the relief is sent to the organs in distress! This is the same delivery path the Magnesium takes to increase Magnesium at the cellular level. A  20-30 minute foot soak in two to four ounces of Health And Wisdom’s Magnesium Oil will begin delivering Magnesium to every cell in the body INSTANTLY!

Take charge and begin the healing!

If you suffer from any of these conditions (and others) you are likely Magnesium Deficient!

Abscesses - human & pet
Achilles Tendon pain
Blood Pressure - lower
Body Building
Braxton Hicks
Bronchial Spasms
Cholesterol lower
Crow's Feet
Diabetes II
Dry skin
Exercise pain
Eyelids - drooping
Growing Pains
Hair & nails        
Heart Palpitations
Hyper Activity
Large pores
Leg Cramps
Menstrual issues
Moles & Warts
Muscle cramps
Muscle repair
Pet’s abrasions
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Skin Irritations
Skin Tabs
Sore Muscles
Spider Veins
Swollen Eyes
Teeth - whiter & less translucent
Toenail Fungus
Tooth Infection


Restore Magnesium to the cellular level in as little as 30 days!

Soaking your feet OR soaking in a tub 6 days a week for 4 weeks, will significantly raise cellular Magnesium levels for most people. After that most people can soak two to three times per week OR apply the Magnesium Oil or Gel products DAILY to the whole body particularly the soles of the feet, across the heart, and any place else that suits one’s fancy! Get 3182 mg of Elemental Magnesium in EVERY OUNCE of Health and Wisdom’s Magnesium Oil!

Except for patients with kidney failure, there is virtually NO illness which is not helped significantly by Magnesium! - Dr C Norman Shealy

A Word About Oral Magnesium

This is the least effective way to increase Magnesium at the cellular level. Magnesium needs to stay in the intestines 12 to 24 hours to be absorbed. When you take enough to be really beneficial you develop diarrhea which eliminates the Magnesium. To stop the diarrhea, most people reduce the quantity of oral Magnesium to bowel tolerance  but it can take up to three years for this to significantly increase intracellular Magnesium. Additionally, many do not realizing they are still taking a LAXATIVE. This will cause the peristaltic muscles in the colon to stop working creating a lifetime dependency on laxatives. WHY?? When topical is easier and more effective! If you are taking oral Magnesium and begin using our topical Magnesium products, you may develop diarrhea as the topical is absorbed faster, making the oral Magnesium too much.

Add Magnesium Snow to your bath water to get the benefit of smooth, soft skin for your whole body. One large jar provides enough Magnesium Snow for 25+ baths and many, many facials! Adding to your bath is wonderful!

~ The Smart Choice ~

Anyone claiming that Magnesium Chloride from any single natural source does or does not contain contaminates (harmful or safe) or that there is no need for testing and purification is irresponsible.


Natural sources of Magnesium Chloride

  • The Ocean  Just imagine... the ocean… seawater… waves... we all can picture the gorgeous beaches.
    • Yet…..we all have heard of the medical waste, dead fish washing ashore…..we have heard the stories of disreputable waste haulers dumping waste into the ocean; oil rigs; cruise ships and submarines. Claims that this source is pure are unfounded.
  • Natural Brine Lakes-Dead Sea, Great Salt Lake, etc.
    • Just imagine... inland brine lakes such as the Great Salt Lake… we can all picture the gorgeous dunes and mountains surrounding the brine source. Yet we have heard the reports of high mercury levels in identified areas; product unfiltered for sand and silt.
  • Underground brine sources…wells.
    • Just imagine an underground brine source... a well. Is it completely protected from underground pollution sources?
  • Additionally…..
    • None of the above are protected from pollen, bird droppings, pollutants carried by wind and rain, etc.

Are we so concerned about Natural that we have forgotten our common sense? Each of these sources have potential issues for use “as is” on the human body.

All of the above are “natural” sources…..none of the above can be completely protected from outside contamination.

What NEEDS to happen and what IS happening at Health and Wisdom…..

The Magnesium Chloride, from the Great Salt Lake, that is the base for Health And Wisdom's Magnesium liquids, is pre tested and highly purified to remove all harmful contaminants and is also used as one of the electrolytes in dialysis solutions for kidney patients for which the specifications for production are controlled and secure.

You can be assured that the mercury level in the Magnesium Chloride base for Health And Wisdom's Magnesium Oil, Magnesium Oil with Aloe Vera, Magnesium Gel, and Magnesium Gel with Aloe Vera is below a single part per million ~ a level often so low as to be beyond detection.

You can pull a sample from the Ocean, from the Dead Sea, the Great Salt Lake, the Zechstein seabed in NW Europe, the Permian Period seabed in the central U.S. or a brine well and find levels of several contaminants greater than what is good for humans. You can also pull a sample from these same sources and find very few contaminants, it depends upon where you pull the sample from, the currents, the sources of contamination in the area, etc. Just because the origin sounds romantic does not make it pure and safe “as is” for humans.

Since this is the case, the responsible thing for OUR customers is to obtain the most tested, purified, and natural source of Magnesium Chloride.

OUR products are the highest quality on the planet and we will accept nothing less.

Should you?


MAGNESIUM OIL ~ USP Grade Magnesium Chloride

100% Absorbable ~ A product of the U.S.A.

Health And Wisdom's crystal clear, odor-free Magnesium Oil is a concentrated essence of pure sea water. Magnesium Oil, is non-greasy and quickly absorbed. This product will not clog pores and contains no added fragrances or drying alcohols so it is gentle on sensitive skin. Magnesium Oil leaves skin, scalp, and hair silky and smooth! Does wonders as a foot soak, as a bath additive, and as a body spray to regain your youthful glow! Topical application bypasses the intestines thus eliminating the laxative effects of oral Magnesium. Daily use is recommended. Every ounce contains 3182 mg of elemental (absorbable) magnesium!

Recommendations For Use

As a Foot Soak

Using a plastic container that is large enough to comfortably soak both feet, add 2-4 ounces of Magnesium Oil and enough water cover the tops of your toes, soak 20-30 minutes and discard liquid after soaking. Be sure the temperature of the water is comfortable - no microwaves please! Most people soak six days a week for 4 weeks to restore the magnesium level in the cells then 2-3 times a week as maintenance OR apply the Magnesium Oil or Gel products DAILY to whole body particularly the soles of the feet, and across the heart. You will know if you need to increase the soaking frequency based on how you feel or if your symptoms start to return.

As a body spray

Mix a solution of 50% Magnesium Oil with 50% Prill water or distilled water - or any comfortable dilution. Spray your entire body. Apply before or after bathing! Let air dry for best results. There is no need for additional washing or rinsing, however, once dried, the natural salts in the Magnesium Oil may be uncomfortable to some and rinsing off the dried salts is fine. Apply the Magnesium Oil to areas of concern several times a day and massage gently.

Customize your experience by adding essential oils - be sure to shake the bottle to mix before spraying!

Teeth and Gums

When Magnesium Oil is added to your oral hygiene routine, gums are tighter, plaque is reduced, and teeth and gums are healthier. Put 4-5 drops on your moistened tooth brush or add it to your tooth paste and brush as normal. Add Magnesium Snow to further tighten your gums! Making your own paste with Magnesium Oil and Magnesium Snow aids in whitening teeth. (This will not whiten naturally dark teeth.)

In a Bathtub

We recommend using our Magnesium Bath Crystals as they are super concentrated and more economical. You may be very relaxed so step out of the tub carefully!

MAGNESIUM OIL ~ With Aloe Vera

Health and Wisdom's  Magnesium Oil with Aloe Vera is ideal for sensitive skin! This product combines Magnesium Oil with Aloe Vera to create a fabulous product. Aloe Vera, one of natures finest moisturizers, softens and revitalizes chapped, moisture-deprived skin while helping normal skin retain moisture. The combination soothes the skin leaving it soft and supple with a healthy glow. Every ounce contains 1658 mg of elemental magnesium!

Recommendations For Use

This may be applied directly to or sprayed on the skin - full strength or diluted.

Spray yourself

Spray your entire body. Let this air dry for best results. May be applied directly to the skin. There is no need for additional washing or rinsing.

Apply to the feet 

Rub into the soles of the feet.


Gently massage into the skin, cuticles, hair and scalp. Repeat as necessary. May be added to massage oils. After a bath or shower   Pat dry and apply to the body.

MAGNESIUM GEL ~ With Seaweed Extract

Using our USP grade Magnesium oil as the base, our Magnesium Gel is thicker and gentle on the skin leaving it more supple than before! Perfect for those with sensitive skin and can be applied liberally to the hair and body to restore lost minerals due to aging. Be sure to apply this to the soles of the feet to speed delivery to the cells of the body! You may experience tightness when applied to the skin. Every ounce contains 956 mg of elemental (absorbable) magnesium!

MAGNESIUM GEL ~ With Aloe Vera

To our Magnesium Gel we add whole leaf, certified organic Aloe Vera. Along with the benefits of the Magnesium Gel you now get the healing properties of Aloe Vera which is great for sensitive skin. Apply topically to every part of the body making sure to coat the bottom of the feet. Every ounce contains 956 mg of elemental (absorbable) magnesium! Massage therapist LOVE the Magnesium Gels as they blend well with massage oils and help clients achieve a new level of relaxation.

Recommendations For Use


Apply to dry or damp skin to moisturize skin. Let this air dry for best results. There is no need for additional washing or rinsing.

Apply to the soles of the feet


Apply full strength to hair before drying for added control when styling or for a more natural look. Or mix 1 part shampoo (or conditioner)  with 1 part gel and shampoo (or condition) normally.
Massage  Massage either Magnesium Gel into the skin, cuticles, hair and scalp. May be added to massage oils.
Personalize your experience by adding essential oils or adding this to your favorite lotion or cream (preferably all natural!), even layering Coconut Oil for an exotic experience!! Enjoy!

MAGNESIUM BATH CRYSTALS - Magnesium Chloride Salts (hexahydrate)

Treat yourself to a healthful, relaxing experience! Restores Cellular Magnesium To Optimum Levels

Magnesium Bath Crystals are an excellent way to supply the body with magnesium. Aids to relieve back pain, muscle pain, and arthritic pain and stiffness. The Magnesium Bath Crystals are a highly concentrated dry form of Magnesium Oil. Soaking in Magnesium Bath Crystals relaxes nerves, removes everyday stress, relieves tension, “jump starts” enzymes important for protein and carbohydrate metabolism, and more! Add 2-3 scoops (included in each container ~ except the trial size) to a hot bath to experience a soothing, relaxing sensation. Soak for 20-30 minutes.

To experience the "ULTIMATE BATH"

Put the 2# Magnesium Prills Bath Ball in the bathtub while filling it with hot water (a comfortable bath temperature, of course). Once the tub is full, remove the Bath Ball.
Add 2 - 3 small scoops (enclosed in each container) of Magnesium Bath Crystals into the tub.
Add one rounded teaspoon each of Magnesium Snow and the Fine Ground Mica Crystals.
Soak 20 - 30 minutes and enjoy the Magic of Magnesium!
Note: Initially you may experience extreme relaxation and even feel tired. Step out of the tub CAREFULLY!

MAGNESIUM SNOW - Magnesium Carbonate 

Cleanser, Purifier, and Skin Toner

Magnesium Snow is a natural mineral that possesses mild astringent, detoxifying properties. When used as a face mask, Magnesium Snow may produce a more youthful, healthy complexion as it helps to smooth and soften (normal and dry) skin. Magnesium Snow may be used on any area of concern. Add Magnesium Snow to your bath water to get the benefit of smooth, soft skin for your whole body. One large jar provides enough Magnesium Snow for 25+ baths and many, many facials!

For a mild cleanse, make a paste with Prill water and Magnesium Snow - apply to the face (or area of concern) and allow to dry. Rinse with warm water. For a deep, intense cleanse make a paste with Magnesium Snow and diluted or full strength Magnesium Oil. Apply and let sit for 5-15 minutes. Rinse with cool water. Do not start with full strength Magnesium Oil!

To a moistened tooth brush add Magnesium Snow and 4-5 drops of Magnesium Oil to tighten gums and remove plaque!  Make a paste with Magnesium Oil and Magnesium Snow to whiten teeth and improve teeth and gums.

MAGNESIUM PRILLS - Magnesium Oxide

Experience the Sensation of Prill Water

Magnesium Prills treat water by decreasing surface tension, and creating smaller water clusters. Smaller water clusters allow for better penetration in and around everything they touch.

Ordinary tap water contains less than 10% of properly structured hexagonal water that can be used for hydrating cells. Magnesium Prills change ordinary water into “thin” water (hexagonal), which assimilates into the body cells. Magnesium Prill Water will enhance your nutrient absorption and toxin elimination thus improving your health. Prill water is physically "thinner" which allows greater penetration in and around the cells of the body and when each cell is properly hydrated and the correct gap between each cell restored, the communication between cells is enhanced. When cells communicate properly everything in the body works better. (Magnesium Oxide is NOT a viable source for magnesium.)

Prill Water Features

  •  Provides superior hydration
  •  Enhances nutrient absorption
  •  Improves detoxification
  •  Improves metabolic efficiency
  •  Improves cellular communication
  •  Readily used by plants and people
  •  Forms an integral part of the cell membrane and interior of the cell of living organisms
  •  Creates structure within the body

“One cannot get away from the impurities that tap water offers. If your health and the health within your children is important to you, you have to make some decisions to ensure that you are not exposed to impurities that lead to poor health –
Professor Willem Serfontein

Using Magnesium Prills

Use Prill Water EVERYDAY!

For drinking, cooking, plants, washing vegetables, as a moisturizing spray, therapeutic bathing, and laundry.

In the Laundry

Improve your health by not having chemical residue on your clothing – and ultimately on your skin to be absorbed. Our bodies absorb everything put on the skin, if you would not eat it do not put it to your  skin! 

In the Bathroom

Adding the Magnesium Prills 2# Bath bag to bath water while filling the tub provides the benefit of thinner bath water! Whatever you add to the bath water works better!!

Our Magnesium Prills are kiln dried and will last for years and years! Each purchase is generally a one-time buy!! Well, until you buy these for gifts for those you love!

Raise Magnesium levels in as little as 30 days! Purest, Safest, Fastest Magnesium delivery!