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There is nothing new or revolutionary about soaking in Magnesium rich waters - your ancestors have done it for thousands of years!

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Magnesium Prill Pack

Health and Wisdom's Magnesium Prills turn ordinary water into thin, structured water. Whether it is your drinking water, bath water, or washing machine - get the benefit of thin Prill Water to get in and around cells and fibers of the fabric! This pack contains all the products needed to have Prill water EVERYWHERE!!

Magnesium Prills treat water by alkalinizing it, decreasing surface tension, and creating smaller water clusters. Smaller water clusters allow for better penetration in and around everything they touch.  Our Magnesium Prills are kiln dried and will last for years and years! Each purchase is generally a one-time buy!! Well, until you buy these for gifts for those you love!

Each Magnesium Prill Pack contains:

  • 1 90 gram Magnesium Prills to treat one gallon virtually forever
  • 1 Laundry Pouch
  • 1 2# Magnesium Prills Bath Ball
  • 1 2 ounce Magnesium Gel

What are Magnesium Prills?

  • Magnesium Oxide
  • Have a proprietary bioresonance process
  • Also known as...
    • Thin water
    • Restructured or Structured water
    • Hexagonal water
    • Magnetized water
    • Living water

Ordinary tap water contains less than 10% of properly structured hexagonal water that can be used for hydrating cells. Magnesium Prills change ordinary water into “thin” water (hexagonal), which assimilates into the body cells. When drinking Prill water one can feel the difference as it truly is thinner!

One cannot get away from the impurities that tap water offers. If your health and the health within the your children is important to you, you've got make some decisions to ensure that you are not exposed to impurities that lead to poor health – THINK BEFORE YOU DRINK!- Professor Willem Serfontein

Magnesium Prill Water will enhance your nutrient absorption and toxin elimination thus improving your health. Treated water makes the water "thinner" which allows for greater penetration in and around the cells of the body. Every cell in the body is supposed to be a specific size and shape with a specific gap between the cells for proper communication. A variety of issues impact our cells – diet, genetics, toxins, illness, etc. and when they are not properly hydrated and the gap between the cells is not correct, we do not function at our best. Because Prill water aids in hydration and detoxification it has an alkalizing potential as the body will become alkaline only when the body is healthy. One cannot drink alkalizing beverages with or immediately before a meal and be healthy as the stomach needs to be slightly acidic to digest food properly.


Cellular water movement is critical for adequate absorption of nutrients and for the elimination of metabolic waste products. Those who drink this (Prill water) are benefitting both ways. With better nourishment and waste removal every process in the body will happen more efficiently.- Dr. David Stokesbary

Functions of Magnesium Prills

  • Provides superior hydration
  • Enhances nutrient absorption
  • Improves detoxification
  • Improves metabolic efficiency
  • Improves cellular communication
  • Readily used by plants and people
  • Forms an integral part of the cell membrane and interior of the cell of living organisms
  • Creates structure

When would one use Magnesium Prills?

  • Around the House Use Magnesium Prills for drinking water, cooking, plants, washing vegetables, as a moisturizing spray, therapeutic bathing, and laundry.
  • In the Laundry Improve your health by not having chemical residue on your clothing – and ultimately on your skin to be absorbed. Our bodies absorb everything put on the skin, if you would not eat it do not put it to your skin! Check out Joan’s article, “Love Your Skin” to learn more. When using the Magnesium Prill Laundry Pouch most people use 10% of the detergent they used to use, if they use any at all! Because the Magnesium Prills make the water thinner it permeates in and around the fibers of the fabric thus removing dirt and debris more efficiently. Clothes are softer and fresh smelling and the amount of chemicals going down the drain is greatly reduced. Of course we encourage everyone to use natural detergents and soaps. Castille soap is a great cleaner for just about everything! One tablespoon is enough for a large load of clothes.
  • In the Bath using the Magnesium Prill Bath Ball when filling the bathtub will turn your ordinary tap water into Prill water! This is valuable to remove toxins from the water as it leaves the water thinner allowing for better penetration through the skin. Whether you are detoxifying or adding Magnesium, whatever is in the bath water will be more effective when you start with Prill water! For the ultimate bathing experience place the Magnesium Prill Bath Ball in the tub and fill with hot water – a comfortable temperature, of course. Once filled remove the Bath Ball, add 1 teaspoon Magnesium Snow, 1 teaspoon Laminar Mica, and 2-3 scoops of Magnesium Bath Crystals. Lay back and relax!! This is very relaxing and caution is needed when stepping out of the tub.

Any time you use water, make it Magnesium Prill Water!

OUR products are the highest quality and we will accept nothing less. Should you?

Check out the Magnesium Prill Pack today!

Magnesium Prills are also available individually in 1# jar, 1# Laundry Pouch, 2# Bath Ball for treating bath water, and 50# container. The Magnesium Prills are also available in our Magnesium Starter Pack and the Ultimate Bath Pack.

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