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Cancer and Such

My position on Cancer and other dis-eases!

This is a very personal decision. My mother had breast cancer, a full mastectomy, the maximum radiation allowed by law at the time (1976) - which almost killed her and the phrase "the operation was a success but the patient died" came to mind - somehow managed to survive this and was told that NOTHING would grow there again. Well, that was a lie. After my dad died (1979) the stress overcame her and the cancer returned in the exact same place. It was the size of a postage stamp for months and the doctors did not want to remove this as they feared the skin would never heal. Over Thanksgiving weekend this area increased to the size of a post card in 4 days. Now the removal was no longer an option. The doctors took skin grafts from her thigh (which was worse than the breast area). She was told to soak on her belly 3 times a day every day until the grafting healed. NOTHING healed for 8 months. Finally she had had enough and started taping Aloe Vera leaves (split in half) directly over the bandages. IN TWO WEEKS 80% of the skin grafting healed. Once healed, she underwent chemotherapy which (again) almost killed her. She told her surgeon she was concerned because my attitude was totally against radiation or chemo should I ever be in the same position. He told her he fully understood my position given my experiences watching her suffer.

I held my position and every time my husband saw a show on a new cancer treatment I simply refused to watch because my mind was made up and I would never take that route. It never made sense to me that you could burn or infuse inorganic chemicals into an organic substance (the human body) and expect the body to heal. Then in 2004 I was "moved" into a new direction. Have you ever felt driven to do something until you actually paid attention?? I started researching alternative health programs and began my studies in herbology. In 10 months I completed a 3 year program and became a Master Herbalist. In this training I learned that, like other conditions, cancer is a symptom of a problem. When one has sinus congestion, they likely are constipated. Toxins will get out. If we have weak areas in the body, dis-ease will settle in those areas. Cutting, burning, and radiating a symptom will not remove the cause. And if the cause is not eliminated - thus healing the body - the cancer will appear some place else. I continued my studies and am now a Native American Practitioner, Naturopathic Doctor, and Master Herbalist. My position is more solid than ever before - we have the tools to thrive!

I believe we have the greatest critical care programs in the world. However, I also believe people should use the medical field about 10% of the time they currently do. There are so many things that can be done at home naturally that does not carry the side effects of drug use - prescription or otherwise. I also believe that taking responsibility for one's health is key. Many people do not believe they are smart enough to research medical issues. I disagree. The internet provides tons of information and we all have access to this. The tricky part is to be able to discern the right course of action FOR YOU! EVERYONE has the ability to pray to know what to do! I fully support anyone's choice regardless of the path they take. However, there are a couple things to take into consideration BEFORE you take any treatment for any conditions.

When treating medically, doctors treat SYMPTOMS - and this is usually quite quick although the side effects may be worse. For example: one gets an upper respiratory bacterial infection and fever. The common program is to suppress the fever, suppress the cough, kill the bacteria with antibiotics which kill the friendly bacteria as well. The results: the phlegm is still in the chest - as the coughing has stopped. One is filled with dead corpses of the bacteria as the antibiotics killed them off. And because the fever is suppressed, you cannot sweat out the dead critters. On top of that, the CAUSE of the cold is still there. TOXINS WILL GET OUT. If the colon, liver & gall bladder, kidneys, and blood stream are congested the only other ways out are through the skin (eczema, acne, skin cancers, etc.) and the upper respiratory (sinus infections, colds, asthma, allergies, etc.). If we continue to treat symptoms, the toxins will settle into other weak organs or areas of the body and dis-ease results. Our society has been programed to ask for the magic pill, potion, or procedure to make the pain go away and we prefer one dose please. Because of this, the cause of diseases is seldom treated. Cutting away a cancerous body part does nothing for what caused the cancer, now does it?

When one chooses natural treatments, you need to be as aggressive as the disease. One or two capsules of an herb, or one or two aromatherapy treatments or massages will not clean up the body and eliminate the cause. Also, if one chooses natural treatments AFTER radiation and/or chemotherapy, you now have to work harder to eliminate the toxins and effects of the treatments. Many natural practitioners will not work with people at this stage.

We all have genetic weaknesses from our parents and grand parents - we have caused problems ourselves due poor diet, no exercise, no water, etc. THESE CAN BE REVERSED. We do not have to duplicate our parents health history. We all know that doing the same thing over and over again will not yield different results. We must change our lifestyles to change our lives. Instead of waiting until we have a life-threatening disease, why not be proactive? Take responsibility for what you put in your body and what you put on your body. Fully research the literature given (make sure you get this literature) BEFORE you take the drug, get the vaccine, etc. Sometimes it is impossible to reverse the results of these - and at that point you WILL have to accept the responsibility for that choice, sometimes for years and years - and this can be a financial, emotional, and physical drain on the entire family. I know many people who are well versed in the effects of vaccines - and wish they were as smart BEFORE they injected their child. A recent increase in shingles is actually shocking some people....really? And, when did they get the latest, greatest shingles vaccine? Hmm.....

One difficulty many, many people have is not allowing others the same freedom to choose as we want for ourselves. As I have learned about other choices (and continue to learn and study every day) the greatest lesson I learned is to be available as a resource for those that are ready to listen - but love and support them anyway if they choose a different path.

One thing I would like to add - no one, regardless of how many degrees they have or how much they charge, is God. So many times I have seen people begin to die as soon as the doctor tells them how long they have to live. And many family members have them in the ground and start asking for their inheritance the next day!

Please, if you do nothing else FOR YOURSELF, accept responsibility and start today to be healthier and hopefully avoid having to make plan your funeral prematurely. If confronted with a life threatening diagnosis, try to stay focused and do the research. Likely the cancer will not spread THAT much farther in a week or two - regardless of what 'they' tell you.

Okay, I lied - and another thing... There are cells the body creates whenever there is a foreign body trying to take up residence. These cells are Trophoblast cells. These same cells also occur as soon as a woman becomes pregnant as the fetus is a foreign body. In that the fetus is alive it has the ability to fight off the trophoblast cell (proving life begins at conception). The trophoblast's job is to destroy the foreign body (such as a fetus or tumors). An early pregnancy test will indicate positive whenever the trophoblast are in the body. That is how women know they are pregnant. The test is NOT checking for a fetus but is actually checking for trophoblast cells that are created when pregnant. Make sense so far? Great! In that these same cells are created when cancer is in the body....ready?.... an early pregnancy test will indicate positive for ALL trophoblast cells....meaning if you know you are not pregnant and the men in your life know they are not pregnant, they will test positive if trophoblast are in the system as they are there to attack the foreign invaders - cancer cells! Now, before you stop reading and run to Wal-Mart...this will indicate 90% or so of cancers. There is always that 10% that are never manifest with a pregnancy test.

I learned about this several years ago and my husband and I were in Wal-Mart buying out twin pack EPT's! (At the time he was 57 and I was 48.) The girl at the checkout was in her early 30's and looked at the tests, looked at us, rolled her eyes and...well, the thoughts crossing her mind were either, "They're nuts!" or "They're dreaming!" Sensing this, I told her what we were doing. She said, "Oh, I know all about that!" We were shocked. Turns out her husband (at the time late 20's early 30's) had been diagnosed with cancer and the doctors wanted more tests to be run. When they went to the lab the clinician said there must be an error because the DOCTOR ORDERED A PREGNANCY TEST FOR HIM. "They" know about this. Now we make sure we are not pregnant twice a year. While this may not catch everything, I really believe it will find cancer as soon as it starts instead of months or years later - by time we find a lump big enough to feel or symptoms start to appear. If we test positive, at least we know six months ago we were "not pregnant"! 

In the meantime, I need to follow my own advice! Take personal responsibility and do everything possible to be strong and healthy. Now my quest begins!

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