Laminar MICA Crystals

Laminar Mica Crystals have the capability of absorbing and transmitting high vibration frequencies required for healing the body, ripening produce, calming people and animals, and more!

Some of the uses of Mica #

  • Place Mica in bowls around your home or office to provide calming energy to all who enter. Use this in every room by placing 1 to 2 inches in a small dish (4 to 6 inch candy dish works great). Place out of reach of children and animals!
  • Make small bags filled with mica and place behind curtains or other out-of-the-way places.
  • Add Mica to your bath water.
  • Place some Mica in your crisper.
  • Put some in a bowl on your counter top and place your produce on top of the Mica to ripen it faster and help it stay fresh longer.
  • Place your bottles of supplements on top of the Mica to increase good energy.
  • Sprinkle Mica in your shoes for all day energy to your whole body.
  • Make a pad or pillow to lay over sore joints.
  • Make a sleeper and put it under the bottom sheet in your bed.
  • Make a pet pad – animals love the energy of Mica.
  • Do not forget your vehicle! Make a pad to sit on while driving.

Virtually anyplace you want good energy is the perfect place for Mica!

What is MICA, anyway? #

Mica comes from a flat thin sheet stone found in the Rocky Mountains. The structure of this unique product has the capacity to collect and transmit vibration frequencies from the ambient free energies of the universe, which are required for healing the human body.

When Mica comes in contact with the human body or is in bowls around your home or business, the natural energy pulses from Mica Crystals flood the area and benefit everyone. Users are known to experience increased energy levels, less pain, and better moods! To make room for this good universal energy, daily walk barefoot in the grass (or sand or dirt) to discharge built up static electricity and become truly grounded to Mother Earth!

Intuitives say that Mica Crystals have the power to significantly reverse the aging process, restore function to many parts of the body and reduce arthritic pain. (Mica Crystals do not contain any Magnesium.)

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