Much like water and diets, there is an ever increasing supply of “perfect” exercise programs available. It’s often stated that the hardest part of completing an exercise program is starting! Everything you do today, that is more than yesterday, is an improvement. Be sure to be smart. Stretching out before and after exercising prevents injury and there is nothing worse than finally deciding to exercise, jump in with all you have only to get hurt and have to stop and wait for the healing and subsequent therapy that could follow.

Physical strength is extremely important as we age. Not to say everyone should become body builders but that regular strengthening exercises help keep us young. Aerobic (e.g. walking, jogging) and anaerobic (e.g. weight lifting, sprinting) exercises are both needed for overall health and vitality. Listening to your body is important, as is learning to differentiate between different forms of pain. Exercise should never involve acute tearing pain while soreness from the workout itself is very natural.

TODAY is a reality,
TOMORROW is a promise,
YESTERDAY was history.
A person who thinks only of doing something is
usually passed by someone who is already doing it. – Billy Blanks

Most importantly – whatever form of exercise you choose, it is imperative you use magnesium topically, as a foot soak, or tub soak to reduce muscle recover time and restore magnesium lost during exercise! #

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