Despite the desire of many for the single, ground-breaking product that will guarantee weight loss, magnesium is not the answer! While magnesium is essential to obtaining and maintaining healthy cellular function and proper mineral balance throughout the entire human body, it will not specifically promote weight loss. Companies that tout weight loss results from magnesium ingredients in their featured products are appealing to desperate consumers in a cheap marketing scheme to ensnare a rapidly growing market base. Sadly, the number of consumers wasting valuable resources on magnesium for weight loss is growing.

Choosing the diet that is right for you is vital to your health and available choices are almost limitless. With each new day there appears to be a new “latest, greatest” diet plan that is the only one that works for everyone. Of course this is rubbish! Regardless, there are a few universal standards that apply to overall improved health and these include avoiding highly processed, chemical laden foods, supplements, and drinks. Whatever the specific diet or eating plan you choose, it is crucial that you choose only the freshest, cleanest, and highest quality foods and supplements – including vitamins and minerals – available in today’s ever widening market. The single most important thing you can learn from Health and Wisdom is:

Learn to listen to your body ~ then act accordingly!

The human body is an amazing machine and, when we take time to pay attention to the little things such as aches, pains, emotions, stressors, diet, exercise, breathing, hydration, etc. we begin to notice definite patterns. For some the number of meals, time of day, combining certain foods together while avoiding other food groups entirely works for them. Other specialty diets include using the blood type as the determining factor for the foods they eat; eating lots of carbohydrates or zero carbohydrates; high fat or no fat; all grain or no grain; raw food or cooked food – the options are profuse. At Health and Wisdom we prefer people choose a life-style instead of diet. Diets are generally thought of in a negative way and, therefore, are doomed to fail. While many nutritionists and natural healers believe we should include items from every food group it does not mean we should combine them all at the same meal.

Making major changes in your life all at once can be difficult to sustain. Small, deliberate steps very often prove to be the most beneficial in the long run. Keep track of any changes you are making, along with the progress (or regress), and adjust your plan as necessary. Life is meant to be lived!

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