There is nothing new or revolutionary about soaking in Magnesium rich waters - your ancestors have done it for thousands of years!

Health and Wisdom’s Pure Magnesium Oil ~ The Smart Choice!

Magnesium Oil, Magnesium Oil with Aloe Vera, Magnesium Gel, Magnesium Gel with Aloe Vera and Magnesium Bath Crystals

Magnesium is a mineral essential to life and necessary for good health. Health and Wisdom's Magnesium Oil is the PUREST, SAFEST, FASTEST form of Magnesium to increase Magnesium at the CELLULAR LEVEL! Clinical tests proved this to be the case and daily foot soaks also increase DHEA, the youth hormone! Only 1% of the magnesium in the body is in the blood, therefore, a blood test with "normal" limits has little to do with the Magnesium level in the cells. Magnesium is required in over 300 enzymatic processes in the body and STRESS LOWERS Magnesium! Because we are all exposed to stress - whether emotional, environmental, physical etc. - our need for regular Magnesium supplementation is vital to health and well-being.

Transdermal Magnesium (through the skin) does NOT cause digestive upset like oral magnesium products do. ALL MAGNESIUM FORMS ARE LAXATIVES! We are big fans of a healthy colon and regular, long-term dosing of oral magnesium can cause the colon to not work on its own. This is of particular concern in children. Our Magnesium Bath Crystals are perfect as a bath additive for all ages!

There are many forms of Magnesium and Magnesium Chloride is known to be the best form for intracellular absorption. Anyone claiming that Magnesium Chloride from any single natural source does or does not contain contaminates (harmful or safe) or that there is no need for testing and purification is irresponsible.


Natural sources of Magnesium Chloride

The Ocean

Just imagine…the ocean…seawater…waves…we all can picture the gorgeous beaches.

  • Yet…we all have heard of the medical waste, dead fish washing ashore…we have heard the stories of disreputable waste haulers dumping waste into the ocean; oil rigs; cruise ships and submarines. Claims that this source is pure are unfounded.

Natural Brine Lakes…Dead Sea; Great Salt Lake, etc.

Just imagine…inland brine lakes such as the Great Salt Lake…we can all picture the gorgeous dunes and mountains surrounding the brine source.

  • Yet we have heard the reports of high mercury levels in identified areas; product unfiltered for sand and silt.

Underground brine sources… the Zechstein seabed in NW Europe; the Permian Period seabed in the central U.S.; wells

Just imagine an underground brine source…a well.

  • Is it completely protected from underground pollution sources?


  • None of the above are protected from pollen, bird droppings, pollutants carried by wind and rain, etc.

Are we so concerned about Natural that we have forgotten our common sense? Each of these sources have potential issues for use “as is” on the human body.

All of the above are “natural” sources…none of the above can be completely protected from outside contamination.

What NEEDS to happen and what IS happening at Health and Wisdom…

  • The Magnesium Chloride, from the Great Salt Lake, that is the base of our Magnesium Oil, Magnesium Oil with Aloe Vera, Magnesium Gel and Magnesium Gel with Aloe Vera, is tested and purified to remove harmful contaminants.
  • This same Magnesium Chloride is also used as one of the electrolytes in dialysis solutions for kidney patients for which the specifications for production are controlled and secure.
  • You can be assured that the mercury level in the Magnesium Chloride base for our Magnesium Oil, Magnesium Oil with Aloe Vera, Magnesium Gel, and Magnesium Gel with Aloe Vera is below a single part per million ~ a level often so low as to be beyond detection.

You can pull a sample from the Ocean, from the Dead Sea, the Great Salt Lake, the Zechstein seabed in NW Europe, the Permian Period seabed in the central U.S. or a brine well and find levels of several contaminants greater than what is good for humans. You can also pull a sample from these same sources and find very few contaminants, it depends upon where you pull the sample from, the currents, the sources of contamination in the area, etc. Just because the origin sounds romantic does not make it pure and safe “as is” for humans.

Since this is the case, the responsible thing for OUR customers is to obtain the most tested, purified, and natural source of Magnesium Chloride. Our Magnesium Oil is USP* grade and the base of our Magnesium Oil, Magnesium Oil with Aloe Vera, Magnesium Gel, and Magnesium Gel with Aloe Vera. The Magnesium Bath Crystals are the dry form of the Magnesium Oil.

OUR products are the highest quality and we will accept nothing less. Should you?

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*United States Pharmacopeia: Abbreviated USP. A publication, established in 1820, that contains legally recognized standards of identity, strength, quality, purity, packaging, and labeling for drug substances, dosage forms, and other therapeutic products, including nutritional and dietary supplements.