Hemp Testimonials

Hi I am writing to tell you that I am so glad I'm taking Hemp Hearts. They have helped me so much. I had an accident and hit my head and began to make uncontrollable yelping sounds, like tourettes with out the swearing. After my brain surgery, the yelping sounds reduced in frequency but were still there. I thought I'd be stuck like this forever, then I started taking Hemp Hearts and within 2 weeks all the yelping ceased, I no longer make embarrassing uncontrollable yelping sounds. I also got sharp healing pain jabs from the surgery on the back of my head, and since taking the Hemp Hearts, these have reduced in frequency as well. And, to boot, the doctor wanted me on meds, I refused, told him I'm gonna take Hemp Hearts. And now, my doctor is flabbergasted because the Hemp Hearts also reduced my Triglycerides and Cholesterol levels to a low normal level! Hemp Hearts are amazing, I'm hooked for life. Thank you so much for bringing this product to the public, it has changed my life for the better!Jen B - Ontario


I have been eating the Hemp Hearts since about February. I have lost a total of 53 lbs as of this week! Catherine H. (Reported in August)


First of all, I want to thank you so much for the hemp hearts. I don't know if you remember, but my dog was very sick, she is 10 1/2 years old and last October we really didn't think she was going to be around much longer. She wouldn't eat very much and was doing very poorly. The Vet was not hopeful. I can't believe how well she is doing. We added hemp hearts to her daily diet. You should see her running around the yard with her ball. I just wanted to let you know how happy and grateful we are. Debbie


I tried these [Hemp Hearts] when I received a sample in the Health and Wisdom Mag Oil starter kit, and they REALLY kept me satisfied all day. So, I ordered one container ( 10 day supply, I think), and I can't tell you how happy I am. They just really keep me from getting hungry until suppertime! I can also tell a big difference in my workouts--seems like I have more stamina. I think it's the protein. I usually mix them with my smoothie in the mornings--spinach, pineapple, and blueberry, blackberry, or strawberry. If I want a savory breakfast, I sprinkle them over steamed vegetables. Then I either have a raw or steamed salad at suppertime. The key I think (for me at least) is lots of greens. I love both kale and spinach, so I don't really have a problem getting enough greens in for good nutrition. Anyway, that's my experience with them. I will continue to use them until I reach my goal size of 8 or 10. Sorry this got so long, just wanted to throw in a "thumbs up" for these. I love them! Rhonda


Hi Joan ~ Loving these Hemp Hearts - and finding ways to be creative with them!!!

Thanks for offering such wonderful products and the best customer service! Not to mention the quickest delivery (don't know how you do it!) Take care.....Renee


So I started eating Hemp Hearts on Friday night after my order arrived. A... they TASTE AMAZING... B... I've never had this much energy. The bars are delightful, and I can only eat like 1/4 of it before I'm full so it's a blessing I don't have a portion control problem. I've managed to lose 3 pounds since Friday and I really have only added Hemp hearts and continued eating when hungry (which isn't that often) and maintained my workouts!

Crazy good stuff, I'll be ordering more! "L"


I am so excited!! My DH is eating 1T of hemp seed with his breakfast and 1/2 T with his lunch. AND he is not getting hungry between meals anymore. Remember I told you he would go through jars of peanut butter in a week, just between meals? The hemp seed is doing it for him. It will save us tons of money on our grocery bills.

Thanks for all you do for us, BE

Has anyone else tried the new Hemp products that Joan has? I love them. First I just tried the Hemp Hearts for a month and love them. They do control hunger and the energy from them is awesome. Now I've just tried the meal replacement bars. They take a long time to eat, they're delicious and they last for hours before getting hungry again.

They've also had a great impact on my skin. At first I thought it was just my imagination but it's real. My skin is looking smoother and firmer. I think it has a lot to do with all the Omega 3's. If you go to the website and click on New Hemp products you can read about nutritional benefits. I like anything that takes the place of more than one thing. I'm still using the vco on my skin, but I'm only eating the hemp and I'm seeing a big difference. Eileen

I've used the Hemp Hearts for almost a month and am amazed at the energy I get out of one bowl of fruit, yoghurt and 4 tbs of Hemp hearts. I'm not hungry until late afternoon! I've ordered 2 of the bars - they should be here by Thursday. I was afraid to order more -Belgian dark chocolate and Hemp Hearts plus a choice of 14 fruit or nut toppings - I may have a portion control problem!

My skin is also looking good, but I didn't connect it to the Hemp Hearts as I've made many other changes in the last month. Finally got up the nerve to drop retin-a after using it for many many years, so now I'm just using acv, mag gel, vco and Hemp Hearts. All natural products and it's working. Pat

Here's a great alternative to Soy, Almond, or Rice Milk.......nice change of pace and easy to do. AND is SO GOOD on Oatmeal!!

Hemp Milk
1/4 cup shelled hempseeds
1 cup water
flavorings (vanilla, maple syrup or honey)

Place seeds into a blender and add small amount of water 1 inch above the seeds. Turn blender on at multiple speeds and agitate seeds so they become a thick hemp cream.

Then add either vanilla, maple syrup or honey and serve as a thick drink or add water at a ratio of 4.75 water to 1 part seed for a lighter hemp milk.
Senior T-Tapp Trainer, Iowa
Certified in all T-Tapp Methods (LadyBug, MORE, Total Workout, Hit the Floor, & Yes You Can)
IFPA Certification
Certified Reflexologist

I just had to share this. One of the things that bother me is the brown spots on my face. I tried a couple natural things that are supposed to help this including the Coconut Oil. I noticed in the last couple of days that since I've been using the Hemp Hearts and the bars that the spots are finally starting to fade. I can't wait until I get my Hemp Oil and see what happens. HUGS, Eileen

Got my order today, YEAH! Joan is the BESTEST!

My kiddos of course wanted to try the coconut hemp bar I ordered and let me tell you this thing is MONGO, huge! We all tried some of the Hemp Hearts and the taste reminds me of flax seeds the kids of course loved the hemp bar.

I am so excited to start this...I think I am going to start with 2 tablespoons on my morning oatmeal.

Oh yea, got a sample of the Mag oil....yea!

Thanks again Joan! Mary Ann

I love the hemp hearts I ordered two of the almond bars, you are right, they are huge and very yummy! I love mixing the plain hemp hearts with applesauce and banana! Jimella

I'm hooked on the hemp. I have had significant improvement in my skin and I feel wonderful. Gives me a lot of energy. I personally enjoy just taking a spoon and eating the Hemp Hearts, they taste great! I love the bars, it takes me a long while to chew and eat, so they're great to take with me to work. I have coconut, cashew and macadamia on the way. EF

I got them because I have a diabetic husband who is always hungry. I have tried different things, but nothing has worked. He's been taking them the last two days. He can tell his appetite is under control. I only put 1 tablespoon in his flax cereal in the morning and 1/2 T on his salad at noon. It's making a difference for him and I am so pleased. Course, I take some too. Bev

I have noticed that after supper and on the weekends when I am usually so glad to have nothing to do, I am starting to look for things to do. I am no longer satisfied sitting and reading or watching TV. This is great for me. I have had energy to do what needed to be done, but not much for after work and supper. This past weekend we played games. The only difference is that I have started taking the hemp hearts.

Also, I have noticed that I now look good in yellow. Yellow used to wash me out totally. Now, I like how I look in it. I think it is a result of a combination of things-tapping, magnesium oil and hemp hearts. Has anyone else noticed something like this? It seems like such an odd thing. Gary