Pure Magnesium Oil ~ The Smart Choice!

Magnesium is a mineral essential to life and necessary for good health. Health and Wisdom's Magnesium Oil is the PUREST, SAFEST, FASTEST form of Magnesium to increase Magnesium at the CELLULAR LEVEL! Clinical tests proved this to be the case and daily foot soaks also increase DHEA, the youth hormone! Only 1% of the magnesium in the body is in the blood, therefore, a blood test with "normal" limits has little to do with the Magnesium level in the cells. Magnesium is required in over 300 enzymatic processes in the body and STRESS LOWERS Magnesium! Because we are all exposed to stress - whether emotional, environmental, physical etc. - our need for regular Magnesium supplementation is vital to health and well-being.

MAGNESIUM OIL: One ounce of H&W's Magnesium Oil contains 3182 mg of ELEMENTAL magnesium. That means it does not need to be converted by the body but is fully usable! Others may claim to have higher magnesium levels (because other ingredients were added) but those require conversion by the body to be absorbed. WHY PAY MORE? Clinical trials proved Health & Wisdom's Magnesium Oil (USP grade) to be the best, safest, most effective form of magnesium available.

MAGNESIUM BATH CRYSTALS: Our Bath Crystals contain ONLY Magnesium chloride and one uses only 2-3 liquid ounces per bath to have up to 9 GRAMS (8979 mg) of elemental magnesium available. Why buy products with added ingredients requiring 2-3 CUPS per bath? Quality, price, ultimate consumer savings - that is Health and Wisdom!

  • "Thank you so much for the care and joy you put into your business!...I am so thankful to have found a company like yours!!"

    -- Matt M.
  • "Just wanted to thank you for your quick attention to my order and to mention how professionally it was handled. All your literature is very helpful, interesting and to the point...I am starting out on the oil and am sure I will be ordering more, will also be checking out the hemp hearts and bars next."

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